0.95.40 Out Now On

Now on the stable branch:


  • Can loot backpacks on the ground
  • Acid damage changed to stun damage to prevent constant AI healing attempts
  • Can only put empty backpacks inside other backpacks
  • Fixed un-enterable armory in Mongrel
  • Fixed placing characters in unbuilt beds and cages
  • Fixed Task_UnlockDoor doing nothing for cages
  • Fixed characters building nearby stuff without geting out of bed
  • Fixed infinite nest population bug
  • Player characters only get food from player owned containers
  • Fixed dropped items appearing on the floor above in buildings with low ceilings


  • Fixed the acidentally recruitable ninjas everywhere.  If you got any then you should free them back into the wild.
  • Fixed the Y-house roof
  • NPCs should now react properly when you free them from a prison
  • Fixed the missing Megaraptor
  • Fixed prisoners being immediately freed by law enforcers
  • Added Shek guards to collect bounties from


  • Borderless window option added to the launcher. True fullscreen mode re-enabled.
  • Fixed monitor selection sometimes not working
  • Sped up the speed of sawing through shackles (and fixed a crash)
  • River raptors in Okrans Pride mainly only spawn from nests now
  • Fixed the goat ragdoll
  • Removed a debug cheat game-start that was left in by accident


  • Temporarily disabled true fullscreen mode ‘cus it’s broken and I don’t want new players getting confused


  • Fix for anyone with fullscreen mode set in their cfg getting broken screen resolution
  • gorillos are a bit stronger
  • Fixed a case where animals could freeze in combat against someone in defensive mode
  • Fixed the inability to path inside the metal warehouse building

Note: Please report any bugs or problems, or upload crash dumps to the Steam forum or official Lo-Fi Games forum so that we can fix as soon as we can. Thank you 🙂

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