1.0 Out Now!

Kenshi version 1.0 is now out!

After 12 years of working alone, working as a six man team, shrinking back to a four man team, and suffering the dreaded year-long pathfinding update disaster of ‘15… we kept going til the end and we finally hit version 1.0.

We want to thank all of our players who have spread the word, supported us along the way and never given up on us during our long development. And of course we want to give a special thank you to all of our moderators (Shidan, Hatsune and Lumi) and contributors (Gauthier, Vlad, Yuri, Yayoi, YangFu, Egoisto.j.k, Tanishi, Urakata and many more!) who have given us their time and help to make Kenshi as good as it can be.

We will still be supporting Kenshi so if you do come across any technical issues we may have missed, just make a report in the bug forums and we’ll look into it asap.

Happy explorations 🙂

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