August Update

News time I think.  The 0.46 update is going to be boring, because all the fun stuff is being worked on in the background and disabled for release, because its not ready yet.
The update will be mostly bug fixes, mainly on the problems with walls.  There is now a proper save/load dialog box so you can have multiple saves and not get too badly ruined if any kind of save corruption happens.  There’s also configurable controls too, to make things easier for some people.

Meanwhile, getting ready for future updates we have Kole Hicks just about to start on sound effects, having completed the first bit of music.  The man is awesome.  He’s keeping his own news on his progress too, here is a video of his latest recording session:

Vurt has been working on improving the foliage of the existing zone and keeping people up to date on the forums.

Most of the artwork and code is in place now for female characters to be added to the game.  It’s all down to Chris Roberts (our Technical Artist) now, who is handling the process of fine tuning and importing the assets into the game.  It’s a pretty painstaking job, and he only works part-time (he’s an indie developer too) so we have to give him a while before everything is finalised.  Hence why it won’t be ready for 0.46, but probably for 0.47.

My priorities after the next update will be female characters, armour crafting, and I’m also going to take a serious look at the performance, which is getting pretty bad.  At least, I’m going to get Sam to take a look at it.

Sam has also been working on some stuff in the background, again not ready for the next update but he has done water, birds and the code for enabling multiple biomes.


Give the 0.46 update about a week.  I want to tie up all the various loose ends before I let it out, so I’m taking my time with it.  I’m going to aim for roughly monthly updates for now on, as the actual release of an update and surrounding gumpfh can take at least a days work out of me.  Bigger, less frequent updates allow us to progress faster, with the illusion that we are progressing slower.

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