Blog #27: Version 1.0 Release Date!

The Big News

Lo-Fi Games is pleased to announce, after a long total of 12 years in development from the moment Chris first created it… Kenshi will reach full release 1.0 on December 6th 2018!

We want to thanks all of our fans from all around the world for their help in supporting us over the years, being patient with us, helping to refine Kenshi with feedback, bug reports, suggestions, and simply enjoying playing Kenshi and boosting us to create something huge.

The finish line is close, now is the last chance to make your voice heard to really help us make Kenshi the best we possibly can. We aren’t taking feature requests anymore and we won’t be adding in any more gameplay features but we’ll be focusing on fixing the last of the bugs and irregularities. Reporting any odd gameplay issues, bugs or imbalances will be massively valuable to us in these next few weeks. No matter how small you think an issue is, or whether you think it’s already been reported, send it in to us anyway!

And don’t worry, even after the 1.0 release we will continue to support the game and work on any fixes we might have missed.

You can share your feedback with us via the Steam forums or our official forums

*Please note that the price will be increasing from £12.99 to £22.99 at version 1.0.

Stable Branch Update

The main branch has also been updated to 0.99.15. Please report any bugs, gameplay or balancing feedback etc to either the Steam or Lo-Fi forums. Here’s what’s been added since 0.98.62…


The new map section is finally open! I won’t detail its content to avoid spoilers but basically this area is less civilised and more dangerous, designed for end-game exhibitions.

  • An AI fix that should stop characters running off for no reason sometimes


  • Added a few missing armour crafts
  • fixed 2 inaccessible towns (import game if not fixed)
  • fixed staff weapon reach


  • Added leather and chain shirts for the Hivers
  • Rugs are no longer available for the player to build, now they are an item you can buy from traders and drop on the floor to place them.
  • Added a new hat


  • Fixed random camera jumps when tracking a character
  • Fixed some town NPCs getting deleted from the world if they were knocked out or imprisoned, basically the “murder detector” was too sensitive.
  • Fixed dead animals appearing in trader list
  • Fixed NUM+ keybind not saving
  • Few other small fixes and a crash fix


  • Fix for NPCs (usually slaves and recruits) going missing when you leave and return to a town. Import recommended to restore missing NPCs
    Engineer job doesn’t automatically repair destroyed buildings
  • Japanese translation update
  • Portugese translation update


  • Added L/R mouse button swap option, for left-handed mousers
  • Fixed a bug with sound detection not working properly with th the stealth stat, so extremely high stat would make them hear you
  • Headgear can now have stealth bonuses, but not penalties
  • Fixed player towns sometimes becoming undiscovered on import
  • Fixed crash if mounted building doesn’t exist
  • Fixed a crash in build mode


  • Update to the RTWSM shadow system, improves a lot of the shadow glitches
  • Improved characters staying together in speed matching movement mode- the leading characters will slow down to let the stragglers catch up
  • Fixed a crash when trying to load corrupt save
  • A few pathfinder/movment fixes
  • Stopped having no shoes affecting ‘looks like a slave’ if you can’t wear shoes
  • Fixed Tinfist not talking
  • Fixed unique prisoners not spawning (requires import)
  • Fixed an NPC duplication bug
  • Fixed slavers continually picking up and dropping targets that are ‘staying low’
  • Fixed Anti-slaver ally bodyguard bug
  • Fixed King Gurgler’s head value
  • Fixed endless dialogue with Crab Queen
  • Added Mourn barman dialogue
  • Fixed Shek pacifier not increasing relations after being paid
  • Fixed Esata leading a war campaign against player ally base
  • Changed bounty relations gained from Holy Nation inquisitor. You can now still increase relations slightly even when accepting payment.
  • Changed enemy faction relation penalties for certain alliances. This means you shouldn’t get armies marching to your base simply for allying with a faction. Unless you’ve murdered their friends.
  • Balances to Holy Nation assault repetitions
  • Added Holy Flame to holy bar shop inventories
  • Additions to Boss Simion’s dialogue. He now recognizes carried nobles
  • Adjusted Luquin’s stats to avoid recruiting issues
  • Added armour trader to ally skin bandits (find them in the HQ)
  • Added dialogue for Yamdu, Tengu and Koin
  • Fixed Noble Ohta going missing after world state change
  • Changes to UC world states
  • Added extra ally UC campaigns
  • Added ally UC bodyguards
  • Savant can now give you a certain unnecessary machine blueprint
  • The Hub now sells crossbow bolts
  • Japanese version fix for tooltips not displaying line breaks
  • Changed to a more readable font


  • If you named your faction “Spiders”, your characters would randomly turn into spiders
  • Burning damage no longer affects robot limbs
  • Holy Citizen start now has a holy flame book and better relations. Also you can now buy “the holy flame” from traders in the holy nation
  • Added “harpoon limit” to the graphics options
  • Tweaked ancient science book distribution so it doesn’t go mostly to the ashlands (needs import)
  • Fixed flickering buildings bug
  • Tweaked AI for inquisitors and nobles to stop them patrolling and getting lost
  • Fixed town allocation when starting your outpost by building walls
  • Fixed construction scaffold shadows for some building material modes
  • Fallback RTWSM shader if tessellation unsupported
  • Fixed __DEAD_SQUAD__ sometimes appearing on load
  • French, German, Russian, Portugese added some missing wordswaps


  • Fixed some bars not being used by AI
  • Fixed a bug that would have randomly prevented dialog from triggering with repeat limits
  • Fixed some campaign chains getting broken due to duplicate triggers being disallowed
  • Fixed some campaigns not triggering if player base is nearby to a ruined town of that faction
  • Fixed a crash


  • Fixed hivers being able to wear human shirts
  • Fixed unique NPCs getting lost forever when disappearing in the wilds. Now they will turn up back home when they escape captivity etc. (import required to replace any missing unique NPCs)
  • Another bug fix that should stop NPC squads sometimes getting doubled
  • Fixed thief fence not refreshing money
  • Fixed NPCs getting stuck carrying characters


  • Hive princes can no longer eat foul meat, because they are too good for it. Also they now have 80 HP
  • Fixed characters randomly not eating
  • If you buy a normally-hostile type of slave or prisoner such as a bandit, he will no longer be attacked the moment he leaves his cage
  • Fixed the “grouped” movement speed orders affecting characters when they weren’t part of the group, eg when someone goes off to operate a machine
  • Also fixed a crash
  • Fixed attributes in character stats window displaying incorrectly for animals
  • Fixed search function not working properly in translation mode


  • Added a new option to the AI panel for turrets to shoot at neutral targets, like bandits and wildlife. May cause extra aggro and corpses.
  • Fixed the slave AI in the holy mines
  • Gate guards are a bit stronger
  • Some of the more mild mannered factions should no longer bash your gates down just to casually get past
  • Increased number of simultaneous attack slots for some of the larger creatures
  • Added “training” category to the building options
  • Made final boss a bit harder
  • Added separate factions to Shark bar fights to avoid town civil war outbreaks
  • Fixed being unable to talk to Grey
  • Added dialogue to Bo
  • Updated the base translation data, some dialogs were missed
  • Update to the FCS to fix some related translation problems


  • To help town guards from getting gradually worn down and killed off, leading to town depopulation, gate guard squads can now regenerate over time (as the town would have assigned new guards). Doesn’t yet work if you are permanently resident in the town.
  • Fixed a bunch of crashes


  • Bandit squads used to “occupy” your town in spirit, even if they failed the assault, causing bugs and nuisances. Now they won’t occupy the town if they are defeated first.
  • Fixed a bug with unique characters that join the player getting incorrect world states, which could trigger the wrong dialogs and war campaigns.
  • NPCs can no longer enslave, loot or butcher anyone while they themselves are playing dead
  • NPCs on turrets will now also shoot anything attacking their fellow residents, sometimes they wouldn’t help if they were different factions
  • Fixed another random “not eating in town” bug
  • Shrieking bandit relations can now deteriorate, so they don’t stay neutral forever
  • Lockpicking a slaves shackles now correctly counts as the crime of “slave freeing” rather than burglary
  • Removed player hauling job from general storage
  • Fixed carried characters disappearing when character edtor opened
  • Fixed beard colour on character model for some hairstyle combinations
  • Finished the ragdoll for the land bats
  • Fixed crash moving characters to squads that were saved empty
  • Items on buildings drop to the ground when the building is dismantled


  • Mouse buttons are now reconfigurable
  • More fixes to stop Shark town destroying itself
  • Fixed trade caravans going to some bandit hideouts and starting a fight
  • Fixed town reaction changes sometimes missing part of the town when the town covered multiple zones, so would keep some old residents
  • Kidnapping slaves now counts as “slave freeing” rather than kidnapping
  • Fixed inaccessible roof of the metal wall-house


  • Improved some aggro/law based stuff:
  • Neutral “Military” NPCs no longer have legal immunity unless they are from a town resident faction
  • The act of enslaving now counts as a crime, but only when it’s in the town of a faction that is anti-slavery. This means you can attack the slaver in self defence (at the right moment) without getting yourself in trouble. Town guards will stay out of it.
  • Slavers now have their own NPC type classification. Law enforcers will stay out of any conflicts involving slavers, instead of helping them (unless they are allies of course, like the United Cities). This doesn’t mean you can just attack them unprovoked though.
  • Town guards will only attack slavers caught in the act if they are anti-slavery and the victim is an ally, otherwise they will not bother with it.
  • Slaver caravans won’t take slaves from cages in towns that aren’t slavery friendly
  • Removed Holy Nation patrol from Nothern Coast to stop them wiping out the fishing village
  • Anti-slavery factions will fight to free their allies from slavers if they see them get captured
  • Fixed some AI bugs where law enforcers wouldn’t deliver their catches to cages and would get stuck in other tasks
  • Fixed a crash with NPC AI looting
  • GUI buttons no longer pressed on mouseup after drag-selecting
  • Added import Relations option to import game

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