FCS 2.14.1 Hotfix (Experimental)

FCS 2.14 was causing a few issues for some users, this hotfix should address those bugs. 
If you experience any issues after the update, please read this post on how to report crashes or bugs and make a post in the Lo-Fi Games forum, ensuring that you’re nice to our lovely moderators.

  • Fixed incorrect version number in displayed in title bar
  • Fixed not being able to add instances
  • Fixed wordswap preview auto-capitalisation if line starts with format tag
  • Fixed merging level data
  • Fixed blocking merges with base mods
  • Fixed select all mods toggle button not working when all existing mods are listed in mods.cfg
  • Fixed translated words percentage display
  • Updated spellcheck
    • Spellcheck now checks for valid words either side of an apostrophe
    • Fixed spell check not displaying changes in translation mode
  • Updated find and replace window
    • All open windows now freshed when replacing an existing value from this window
    • Matching search terms now get highlighted
    • Added Whole word match option
    • Translation mode now only shows results once when finding a result in translation and source text, highlights second column for results
    • Source text now shown in translation mode
    • Added column sorting
    • Added find/replace for single item in translation mode by right clicking in navigation form
  • Added Instance counts to custom columns and item filter
  • Added open form history with back and forward buttons
  • Added translation lexicon, a system for translators which guesses to suggest words that the translator may want to use in similar lines.
  • Added ability to double click in a text box to select the whole word
  • Added shortcuts
    • 全球
      • F3 – Show game world window
      • CTRL+W – close window
      • CTRL + SHIFT + W – Close all windows
      • CTRL + SHIFT + O – Open any file
    • Translation mode
      • Pressing enter will automatically jump to the next line variant to translate
      • CTRL+Up and CTRL+Down in the extended text editor will change the active line
    • Text boxes
      • Ctrl+Backspace deletes previous word
  • Changed cleanup operation for removing invalid references to only occur on references for the current active mod
  • Improved wordswap auto-capitalisation rules in word swap preview window
  • Mod dropdown list in merge window now sorted alphabetically

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