GUI Makeover

Behold! Otto’s new GUI design overhaul is almost complete and will hopefully be ready in-game in the next few weeks.



Pathfinding bugs

I’ve recently noticed some concerns in the forums that we’ve been neglecting the bugs and crashes of Kenshi while we work on new character models, content and other designs. I’d just like to make it clear that the pathfinding bugs and crashes are our number 1 priority, and both Chris and Sam are working on this full-time until we can get it stable. New content is much easier to show with images and progress updates, but in no way does this mean that we’ve forgotten about bug fixing or finishing the pathfinding overhaul.

Update 0.71.1 Experimental Version

0.71.1 is out now! Here is the changelog:


  • Mostly fixing various crashes. The notorious Havok crash is still at large.
  • Fixed the crash with loading certain 0.71.0 savegames
  • Dialog system now supports monologues and changable player_talk_to interruption dialogs
  • Fixed the character editor FACE/BODY tabs being missing
  • Fixed the turrets having 1 damage

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