Next Update: Carrying

As of update 0.21.2 characters can carry eachother.

This opens up a lot more possibilities in the future, because I can implement capturing.  That will allow for police to take prisoners, slavers to take slaves, cannibals to take you home to eat, bounty hunters to catch you alive.  It means you will be able to capture others too, for ransoms, bounties, or interrogation.  But thats for future versions.

Now when you drop from your wounds, you stay down until you have healed enough.  If a character is down and won’t get up for a while, you will have to carry him.
To make things a little easier, there is now a new kind of medkit called a “splint kit”.  With this you can put a splint on a characters wounded bodypart and restore a small amount of function.  The amount you can restore is the same as your medical skill level.  So a medic skill of 20, healing a bodypart that is damaged to -10 can splint it up to +10, meaning the character can stand up again.


You can also fight with one hand while carrying someone, but you’ll need a one-handed weapon.

So the idea of the game in its further stages will be that you need to juggle your personnel.  Its not a game thats designed for one man army diablo-style gameplay.  You need a number of characters, not just for their different skills, but because some will be out of action at times and need time to recover, preferably in a safe, secure place with defences and medical facilities.  If you fight too much too hard and if your enemies pile on the pressure they will start to wear you down and you will be defending yourself with your rookies and wounded men who can’t fight at their full strength.

Update 0.21.2 should be out before the end of the month.  Then I have a legendary environment artist lined up…

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