November Progress

We’ve made some real headway with the pathfinding this month, we just need to fix a few more bugs and crashes to finish up. Hopefully the new update should be ready for release by next Friday (hopefully!).

No doubt this is going to be pretty buggy since we’ve gone so many months without player bug reports. There will likely be several patches a week until it’s stable again.


What we’ve been up to this month:


We now have an extra writer with us, volunteer Alex Zito. The dialogue will be an ongoing project, so it will be added gradually over each update as Harald and Alex continue to work on it – Kenshi is later going to have a massive world map so we need a huge load of dialogue to fill it. So far we have a small bit of dialogue ready for the next update, mostly events like bandits harassing and bullying you.


The foundations of the sneak ability are all in the game now, although this will needs lots of balancing before it’s fully working. Sneaking is about all you’ll be able to do at this point, however Otto has started working on furniture and household items which will contain stealable items for Thievery in later updates.



Chris has just been finishing up creature nests/ gathering points for population balance and variety. In this next update, we’ll be starting you off with a few different creatures including The Beak Thing, The Leviathan, Big Wolf Things and The Crazy Bone Cow. More to come in later updates…

New buildings:

Olly has now finished creating a whole town of new building designs, but these won’t be added into the game until the new world map is finished at Beta. We do, however, now have a Smelter to melt down old weapons and armour into iron, plus a Corpse Furnace to dispose of bodies. The Corpse Furnace will be especially useful in later updates for deterring hungry predators.



Mike has finished work on the weather coding, however we now need to start on the actual animations before we can add it to the game. Weather effects are planned to be included in the update after next.

Updated Changelist:
  • 64-bit version available. 32-bit version will continue, but will get occasional crashes.
  • Creatures are now mostly coded in.  Creatures will be introduced over time, currently we have:
    • The Beak Thing, a blind carnivorous giraffe/bird creature.
    • The Leviathan, a giant thing.
    • Big wolf things
    • Crazy bone cow.
  • Added stealth mechanics.
  • New dialog/AI hybrid system that takes into account situation details and remembers what you’ve done in the past.
  • Thugs and bandits can now harass and rob you rather than always attacking on sight.  Thugs in town can insult you, then go outside the gates and jump you when you leave town.  NPCs can follow and chase you while they talk or threaten you, and know the difference if you are running away.
  • Changes to relation system, fighting someone in the middle of nowhere has very little effect on faction relations.  Individuals can be perceived as temporary enemies or allies.
  • A new terrain engine was necessary for the 64bit build (old one was 32bit closed-source).  It looks worse than the old one because we’ve run out of texture units, but only until we upgrade to DX11, then it should look better again.
  • Dropped items no longer vanish underground, and they can be easily found with visible labels if you hold the ALT key.
  • NPC AI now has a schedule.  They go to bed at night.  Shopkeepers shoo you out of their shop at closing time and lock up for the night.
  • Replaced the pathfinding/movement engine with the Havok AI engine.
  • Buildings can now have multiple floors
  • New buildings available:
    • Corpse furnace, to dispose of bodies.
    • Smelter, to melt down old weapons and armour into iron
  • Characters are less disadvantaged by being outnumbered, your lvl50 warrior can now take out a group of starving bandits without getting mobbed. Basically they will miss more often as he moves around and dodges.
  • More details added to the GUI, including visible calculations for character stats and penalties.
  • Multi-threaded resource loading for smooth creation of models and textures.  Shorter loading hiccups when moving around the map.
  • Ragdolls fixed up, less crazy ragdoll behavior.  Animation blending between ragdoll and non-ragdoll states.

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