The Artist Side

The crowdfunding campaign finished a while ago now.  Only $2200 was raised, although a while after the campaign finished, I got a few late donations.  In particular was an almighty $2000 from the generous Cross77.  Thankyou!  For this donation he will be working with me to design his own faction in the game.

So I’d like to show you all what I am currently doing with the money from the “failed” campaign.

It took quite a long time, but I eventually found a highly skilled freelance artist. As you know I’m currently working on the building/RTS features of the game, so we started off on the designs for new “furniture”.  Things like mines, machinery, crafting stations.  A couple of samples:

new concepts

The smithy can be built indoors, its used to craft weapons and armour.


new concepts

Windmills will be used to generate power for just about everything.

The design phase is done for now leaving about 14 designs.  The first 3 models are currently being worked on.

And we have a new male and female character model being made.  Male is first, its a lot more high detail now and will have loads of different faces, hairs etc.  I feel character customisation is an important part of the game, so its worth spending the time on this.

new concepts

Current WIP


There will also be several different bumpmaps blended in-game, so strong characters will look more muscular, slaves will look skinny and ill, nobles will look fat etc.
The female model will be coming shortly after.

After the 2 base meshes are done we will start working on new armour, clothing, hair etc.  and plenty of unique factions.

And the beauty is that someone else is doing it all for me, while I work on continuing with the building features!

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