The new weapon crafting update is out now, here’s the change list:

0.42.0 “Crafting”

  • -Weapon Crafting. Awesome.
  • -Ore mining.
  • -Stone/Ore mining upgrades, automated mines.
  • -Weapon types have been refangled around.
  • -Certain weapon types now give bonuses or penalties to attack/defence skills.
  • -New game start-off: “The Holy Sword”.
  • -Characters will let you know if they don’t have any inventory space to collect some goods, and all the storages are full
  • -When a character is working at something, the info window will show you which skill is being used, and the effect it has on his work output.


  • -Added extra Screen resolution option to the in-game options menu, because lots of people missed the one at startup.
  • -Fixed the bug where if you got negative money, you couldn’t get paid for selling items
  • -Fixed crash when pressing the Rescue button

As usual, the next few updates will be smaller, bug-fixing type patches. Then I will probably go on to fix the wall building, and add some automate-able character AI jobs for your bases.

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