Update 0.64

Turrets are the main feature this time. They still need a bit of tweeking and balancing but you can now research and build them.
Only crossbow turrets are in for now, harpoon turrets will basically be the next tech level on from them, but I would like to wait and see how the feedback from the first turrets is first.

Of course this will lay the foundation for personal crossbow weapons later on.


  • Added crossbow turrets!
  • Added a get up off the floor animation, as a temporary improvement to the medical system feel
  • Improved the encounter rate, so hopefully you will run into bandits more, like in older versions.
  • Toughness XP is based on amount of damage received, instead of enemy attack skill. More pain = more gain.
  • New sky system now in place
  • Medkits in your inventory have GUI bars to show how full/empty they are.


  • Combat sword hit-boxes and ranges have been refined, so less missing your targets
  • Characters who cant carry anyone because they’ve got an injury will let you know, instead of just standing there
  • Wounded arms now stop dangling once healed
  • Stacking medkits won’t re-charge them, they will merge instead.
  • Fixed the AI for the “bodyguard” task. It can also now be shift-clicked to make it a permanent job.
  • Renamed city of Catan to “Capan” since I found out “Catan” is already the name of a well-known boardgame.
  • Fixed the vanishing hair bug


New turrets
There will be more regular updates over the next few weeks at least, including new walls and crafting stations, and possibly more turrets.
The new pathfinding system will be ready in a few weeks and will solve a lot of bugs with walls, gates and teleporting NPCs. It will also allow for some fun new features in the future.

When we finally start populating the new world map we can integrate these new features into the game a bit more. AI towns and outposts can make use of new models and they will have their own turrets for defence. Stone and metal resources, as well as farming and new resources, will be map location dependent. The current system of bandit assaults will be more based on their faction and town health, and you’ll be able to sort them out by wiping them out or assassinating their leaders. Towns will also be designed better to better allow for defence, stealth, thievery, sabotage. We also have new building types coming in, and I’ve even put in the groundwork code for animals, although that feature is still a ways off (animals are still in concept phase).


  • You can now purchase Kenshi with bitcoins.
  • We’re going to the Rezzed game festival next week (http://www.egxrezzed.net/). Stop by our stand to say hi! Or come by afterwards for a drink!

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