Update 0.74.4 Experimental Patch


If you get crashing in the character editor in DX11 mode, switch to DX9 instead, it’s more stable at the moment

  • Fixed NPCs populating player buildings
  • There were still spawns happening within walls, took extra measures to fix this
  • Fixed the editor body limits for the Shek
  • Fixed an AI bug that stopped shopkeepers opening up, jobs from working, and wandering traders doing their thing, and probably a lot of other problems too



  • Fixed the overly restrictive limits in the character editor
  • Fixed the character editor applying the face morphs twice, resulting in deformed characters
  • Towns are now populated dynamically on gamestart, rather than being pre-saved in the editor. This means changes to the town/faction population list will take immediate effect on a new game.
  • This also solves the absence of town guards bug.
  • Fixed a bug with inventory when moving stacks with the mouse
  • Fixed the corrupted Tin Can helmet mesh
  • Fixed the buildmode tech level selector
  • Fixed some problems with turret placement
  • Fixed trader windows sometimes opening up empty



This version needs further stabilizing and is still not recommended for most players. Also note that the GUI and character editor still have work to be done in the future


  • Launching DX11 in fullscreen still crashes, but not if you run at your screens native resolution. Still trying to figure out the cause
  • Fixed a character editor crash
  • Fixed getting stuck in editor when recruiting someone
  • Fixed the white character portraits in DX11
  • Shops have more items in stock
  • Fixed the inventory icons for items, not for armour yet
  • Hostile patrols are 50% less likely to attack towns
  • Cleaned up the launcher options
  • Fixed some more AI system bugs, including animals not attacking
  • Fixed characters getting stuck in idle mid-combat
  • Fixed some random crashes

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