Update 0.74.16 Experimental

New update out now! For the time being, this is available via Steam Experimental only, please see how to opt-in here.


  • Fixed some certain savegames crashing on load
  • Fixed some certain savegames/imports getting stuck on the loading screen
  • Fixed player buildings being un-built on import
  • Fixed the missing Alt-key item labels
  • Did a little internal rewrite that should stop the occasional various bugs arising from NPC or building handle IDs changing. Might also cause unforseen bugs as it’s a new untested system.



  • Totally new movement system:
    • Eliminates the frame rate spikes
    • Improves performance
    • Stops NPCs always getting stuck and flickering back and forth (probably still get some bugs though, it’s a new system)
  • Totally new AI sensory system:
    • All NPCs now use field of view and line of sight
    • You can avoid detection, fight a guard without raising the alarm etc
    • Its totally awesome and cleverly made so it doesn’t hurt the frame rate with tons of characters all LOS checking eachother
    • Probably will cause a lot of new bugs because it’s a fundamental system with far-reaching gameplay consequences
  • Slave escapes:
    • You can free slaves and they’ll react and escape and thank you and try to escape with you and sometimes join you once you get away.


  • A change to the time system means you may end up with problems like getting stuck tagged as a slave for 99999 hours or a wandering trader that never leaves your town- import game to fix it.

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