UPDATE 0.76.0

Note: This is available on opt-in Steam experimental only

Apologies for the delay with this update, we are currently working a lot on content for the new world map and hoping to release the first part of it in the next major update. Much of our work here has been to get the last necessary fundamental systems in place before we make the move to the new world map and the focus moves towards content and balance.

Note that as it’s such a big update, lots of bugs and instabilities are likely until I can get through all the bug-reports. The Stable Build of the game I will leave as it is until the new world map is ready.


  • Huge optimisation that uses more multi-threading for the game code and AI, improving performance significantly when there are a lot of characters around.
  • AI War Campaigns, NPC factions can now launch proper missions. This is similar to the faction assaults feature that was around in an older version, except the difference is it’s now a fully dynamic system. If assaults are coming repeatedly they can be stopped by decimating that faction’s base of operations.
  • Towns and nests can now be wiped out.
  • Random bandit camps, allowing the bandit factions (among others) to have a population source, which can therefore regenerate, run low, or be wiped out.
  • Races now have different bonuses and penalties to certain stats
  • Render optimisation for the lights, it appears they were slowing things down a lot
  • Bars now have a variety of random goons who all sit together: mercenary groups, thieves (with fences to sell stuff to), bounty hunters colorisation maps added to faction armours
  • AI squads now move in formation
  • You can now buy and sell slaves
  • You can now pay the bounty on a character to get him out of prison


  • Made our own game launcher (old one was a default part of Ogre engine), which hopefully fixes some of the config problems people had with DX11
  • Fixed the shortage of nests
  • Fixed being unable to use beds and cages
  • Fixed the overpopulation of the slaver camp
  • Fixed some more pathfinding/collision bugs
  • Fixed a ragdoll display bug

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