Update 0.96.21 (Experimental)

Update 0.96.21 is out now on Experimental branch! 0.96.11 is now on the main stable branch. To opt in to the experimental version, right-click on Kenshi in your Steam games list -> properties -> betas tab -> then choose “experimental”. If opting in, please be aware of bugs and general instability.


  • Artifact distribution has been tweaked, there should be less of a shortage of AI cores and science books
  • Tweaked dust settle amounts
  • Stopped mounted buildings in towns from creating player outposts inside the NPC town
  • Fixed character name tags appearing in character editor
  • Stability fixes


  • Added font size option slider
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs could sometimes get moved through walls when running off-screen. This was the bug many people thought was enemies spawning in their bases. Should now be fixed.
  • Fix for animal animation bugs, especially for leviathans
  • Few fixes for windmill audio
  • Fixed corpse flies audio positioning
  • Fixed expand stats button appearing when gui is hidden
  • Fixed paladins not having their gear set as uniforms


  • Hotfix for the farm growth rate bug caused by an optimisation in 0.96.18
  • Fixed the Rebirth slave delivery AI


  • 功能
    • Diplomacy dialogue of all major factions now added. You should now be able to trigger dialogue in HQs of the swamp, Holy Nation, Shek Kingdom and Flotsam Village.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed Shek HQ dialogue not triggering in 0.96.17
    • Fixed the random lag problem from 0.96.17
    • Tweaked the medic AI so it shouldn’t run off too far
    • Fixed crash when approaching a certain village
    • Bit of memory clean up for stray homeless squads
    • Altered the player AI to choose nicer beds to sleep in
    • Stopped medkits increasing charges when skill is > 100
    • Unique NPCs that escape captivity can now travel all the way back home to resume their lives
    • Fixed foliage showing inside the ancient lab
    • Fixed escape menu fade out not being full screen
    • Fixed expand stats button becoming stuck on screen
    • Fixed a crash on exit for turrets


  • 功能
    • First of the diplomacy dialogue added, starting with the Shek Kingdom. You can now influence relations via dialogue in the Shek HQ.
  • Fixes
    • Cannibals weren’t eating people because they would rather sit down and relax. Fixed that now, prepare for horror.
    • Corpse flies sound integrated
    • Wind generator sound intensity based on rotation speed
    • Fixed again the hive trader not leaving after finishing his announcement
    • Fixed characters sometimes moving while still getting up off the floor
    • Fixed slope calculation for building placement
    • Fixed a road following bug
    • Sound emitter fixes
    • Fixed preview building usage nodes becoming invalid if you change floor
    • Fixed select all button sometimes switching squads
    • Fixed portraits and squad tabs never flashing
    • Fixed dead characters not updating if no living characters are left


Note: Please report any bugs or problems, or upload crash dumps to the Steam forum or official Lo-Fi Games forum so that we can fix as soon as we can. Thank you 🙂

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