Update 0.96.5 Out Now

Update 0.96.5 is out now on Experimental branch! 0.96.4 is now on the main stable branch. To opt in to the experimental version, right-click on Kenshi in your Steam games list -> properties -> betas tab -> then choose “experimental”. If opting in, please be aware of bugs and general instability.


  • Characters automatically go to bed if they are wounded and have nothing else to do
  • Characters automatically ditch any spare resource items in containers if they have nothing else to do or are stuck with their current job, this should free up some of the jams
  • Player characters no longer automatically heal or help allies from other factions


  • Fixed some items not spawning in nests
  • Fixed some loot items not spawning in nests
  • Jobs mode now saves and loads properly
  • You no longer get XP for stealing from prisoners
  • Turret/light attachment nodes more visible
  • Reduced max sloping value of all buildings
  • The game now only autosaves once if you leave the game paused for ages
  • Fixed AI tolerance for accessing a turret built with the wrong floor ID
  • Fixed characters incorrectly falling over on load due to injury
  • Fixed a possible startup crash
  • Fixed null pointer crash with faction discovery
  • Fixed some characters appearing on the floors above


  • Hotfix! .3 had a crash
  • Added 2 new cannibal raid types


  • Animal backpacks now have way more space, making them useful for setting up bases
  • Beak things now have meat
  • Made cannibals slightly weaker again, added more Beakthings to the Cannibal Plains
  • Reduced the penalty for tresspassing
  • Crime “Assault” doesn’t override other crimes any more, so its easier to see what you did
  • [Jobs] button also no longer skips follow and bodyguard jobs


  • EDITOR: Fixed crash opening translations
  • Unbuilt (ie still passable) walls no longer make characters bounce over the top, and can be clicked through to select characters etc
  • Fixed map items pointing to the wrong towns after import
  • Fixed crash on dismantling buildings
  • Fixed building audio “cavernous” setting not working right
  • Fixed cannibals not properly capturing people if they were drawn out of their home town
  • Fixed “He’s in the water” bug when loading a game with ragdolled characters
  • Fixed deadcat bar having no inventory
  • Fixed the Empire taxman assault triggering when it wasn’t supposed to
  • Flipped the default setting for “Invert mouse Y”, because people start the game without checking through the options first and then freak out because the camera is the wrong way around
  • Fixed map item inventory sounds

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