Update 0.99.23 Out Now

Update 0.99.23 is out now! This is on the main stable branch.

Please report any bugs, gameplay or balancing feedback etc to either the Steam or Lo-Fi forums. Thank you


  • Fixed up the slaver AI for the reaver HQ, also passing reaver patrols can gather up more slaves from the cages
  • Slaves no longer protect allies if in obedient slave mode
  • Slaves now get totally balded, because it looks more slavey
  • When an ex-slave finally reaches not-slave status, his hair grows back
  • Fixed imprisoned characters being set as slaves if they were once a slave before, when they shouldn’t be, eg in police cages
  • Fixed not being able to loot bodies while crawling
  • Fixed bar NPCs not healing themselves when wounded
  • Character stats window updates progress when open


  • Regenerated entire navmesh, should solve some of the passable obstacles that were being encountered
  • A crashfix


  • Fixes for the Slave escape AI
  • Fixed the western path to Worlds end
  • Fixed slavers taking player’s prisoners
  • Fixed stealth KO on prisoners setting them free
  • Fixed stealth KO on prisoners providing massive easy XP harvesting
  • Fixed broken navmesh in Tower of abuse, infested lab and far east tech lab
  • Fixed a rare random crash in the engine code
  • Fix for Hive hut doorways sometimes getting blocked


  • Added in some missing armour/clothing crafts
  • Tweaked some bounty character’s wanted factions
  • A general AI fix that might have seen them running off to far away buildings
  • Another fix for AI campaigns where they go home without raiding your base first
  • Fix to prevent gaining stealth xp from the person you are carrying
  • Prevented slavers from beating up obedient player slaves when another player in the same squad was getting beaten
  • Fixed a crash when you kidnap a unique NPC and return to their town or something i dunno but i fixed it


  • You can now use tools or brute strength to unlock any lock, door, cage or container. Good for treasure hunters, not so good for thieves. Now non-thief characters won’t feel forced to learn lockpicking
  • Tools are more heavy and expensive than before
  • Tools are single use, they break after opening the lock
  • Using tools is really slow
  • Brute strength only really works with very very strong characters on weak locks (strength needed = 3 x lock hardness)
  • travel shops now sell tools
  • Severed limbs are now properly bloody
  • Fixed hive interiors not showing
  • Fixed bandits not looting food from containers
  • An AI fix for certain gate/wall configurations
  • A fix for AI attacking freed slaves that should be no longer hostile after freeing
  • Fixed the corrupted item icons on ATI cards
  • Slightly more fishmen
  • Slaver cages have better locks, ancient safes have slightly easier ones
  • Fix for campaign data that got some values mixed up, resulting in traders being “war leader” for example
  • Fixed the blurry item icons
  • Tweaked GUI line spacing to try to fix main stats panel on some resolutions
  • Fixed put-in-bed order overriding dismantle order if carrying someone
  • Added sfx to NPCs buying stuff


  • Fix for a suspected crash


  • Escaping from an evil faction cage, like cannibals, no longer tags you as an escaped prisoner
  • Fixed using strength or tools to break out of prisoner poles
  • Fixed tooltips not showing for the “committing crime” and “escaped prisoner” panels
  • Fixed name truncation on character portraits for multi-byte characters
  • Update to the roads to fix NPCs getting stuck with long-range travel


  • Terrain and navmesh updated, probably nothing noticeable, move along

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