Update 1.0.22 Out Now

Update 1.0.22 is out now! 1.0.23 is out on the experimental opt-in branch.

Please report any bugs or feedback to either the Steam or Lo-Fi forums. Thank you.


  • Changes to save file system to attempt to reduce saving errors caused by windows file locks
  • Fixed NPC’s hitting many times at once if you get in a cage during their attack, causing instant death
  • Fixed player orders to bash gate
  • Fixed override towns not updating public state, which could result in aggressive town AI after a faction takeover
  • Fixed items in buildings being unowned if you import the game inside a building
  • Fixed crash if modded skeleton files are missing
  • Fixed a crash in character editor
  • Added a check all/active/none button to mod selection
  • Characters can be spawned with robot limbs
  • Fixed a crash exporting translations
  • Updated gamedata.pot
  • Japanese update


  • Fixed toggling block,hold,passive,jobs buttons not always working as expected
  • Fixed stealth KO animation restarting without moving if you try to KO someone else
  • Added “toggle HOLD” keybind
  • Characters spawning with robot limbs can be optional
  • Fixed all limbs being missing for characters spawned with at least one robot limb
  • Japanese translation complete

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