Update News

0.40 will be out in the next few days now.  It might still be a little buggy at first, but I’ve fixed most of the major problems with it now.  Sorry I haven’t been speaking or replying much on the forums, I’m in super-work mode.  I’m reading all the bug reports and fixing it all, just doing it silently to save time.  Like a bug-fixing ninja lurker.  A handsome one.


I really can’t wait to start implementing the new characters and gear.  There’s going to be all new character models, armour, hair, beards, females, and from this new and more interesting factions.  I really want to do this now but its a big update, and I need to finish adding the essential missing features for the current update first:

  1. A proper squad window is needed, with job assignments.  You will be able to set characters to work on certain machines, and they will take care of it even if they have to go and work on another machine to get the resources they need.  They’ll also return to work automatically after a fight etc.  At the moment you have to manually re-assign everyone to their stations after a fight, which is annoying.
  2. Proper assaults.  You will notice after you’ve build a simple base there’s not much to do.  I need to add more AI that sends actual assaults, messengers and raids to your base to cause trouble, steal your stuff, or demand money.  Something to add survival pressure to you and also something thats more complex than just “dudes coming to attack you”.
  3. More research levels.  And crafting.
  4. Walls will be taken out for the next update, to give me time to fix all the bugs with them.  They’ll be added back quickly in 0.41


In other news, I did an interview with LetsPlayPoRusski, which you can watch below if you are interested.  The intro is in Russian for the first minute, but after that it’s in English so don’t worry:

He’s also doing a drawing contest, where you can win free Kenshi keys, details are at the end of the end of the video.

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