Seems I’m finished today.  0.24.0 is out!

Remember, if you have a version earlier than 0.22.0 then you will have to download it again from here or the auto-updater won’t work.


Some of this will require you to start or import to a new game.

  • Price of trade goods has been reduced, I recommend you sell ALL your trade goods before you update the game.  The purpose of this is to fill up your backpack more, and try to put a cap on the upper income of a high level trader. I want the big money to be earned from buildings.


  • Doors! Please report it if characters are getting stuck or doors are impassable etc.  Doors cant be locked yet.
  • You can no longer buy the higher grade armour and weapons.  You will have to research and craft them later on.
  • Price adjustments.  Low level items are cheaper, high-level items are more expensive.  Traders backpacks don’t stack so many items.
  • New mouse pointers


  • Big framerate increase for some people
  • Still fiddling with the pathfinding/movement system
  • Fixed that outpost in the north, now it has a proper crew
  • You now have to be within 200 meters to trade items with someone.

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