Modders Pack Now With Blender Compatibility

For those who prefer Blender to 3dMax, we now have a blender file of the skinned characters for creating clothing and armour. We’ve also included an example weapon to get you started.

Also, because everyone seemed to have problems with exporting from blender, Sam’s also fixed up a plugin to work with Kenshi based on the one from Torchlight.


  • The template file is designed to work with this plugin.
  • When exporting skinned meshes such as clothing, hair and armour, you need the tangents and binormals options on. The skeleton will be linked with the existing Kenshi male or female skeleton if your mesh is linked to the armature object in Blender.
  • Don’t change the names of the armature objects, or edit any bones. Messing with the pose is fine though.
  • Non-skinned meshes like weapons just need tangents enabled.
  • Make sure your mesh is UV mapped.
  • Material files that are created are completely unnecessary as materials are set up in the FCS. You can delete them if they are created.


Any questions? For help and advice on modding, please post your questions and check the FAQs in the Lo-Fi 以及 Steam modding forums.

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