0.91.19 Beta Out Now In Main Steam Branch

The latest Newlands version has now moved over to the main Steam branch (AKA the stable branch). If you’re already opted in to Experimental there will be no noticeable change for you. Although it’s considerably more stable now, it’s still very heavy on performance and RAM, these will be optimised further over time but until then:

For performance issues: Reduce the terrain detail and view distance and turn off shadows.
For low memory: Reduce the texture quality and view distance.

It’s recommended if you get problems that you uninstall kenshi before updating to the beta version. Steam update can sometimes leave old data files in there that can cause the game to crash, so this cleans them all out before installing.

You can’t load old savegames but you CAN import your squad without buildings and research.

The ‘Oldland’ version will still be available through Steam in the other branches. To play the older version, you have to right-click on Kenshi in your Steam games list -> properties -> betas tab)

You can find the original patchnotes covering the latest content here. In the next update we’ll be adding workshop support.

Next map section release TBA

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