0.95.29 Out Now

0.95.29 is out now!


  • Fixed a bug with the trading range
  • Fixed GUI display of the dodge skill calculations


  • Added some missing AI cores to certain labs
  • Fixed Ashlander Stormgoggles for the female mesh
  • Fixed a thievery exploit that involved using a second character hidden far away out of sight
  • Fixed crash moving characters between squads in grouped movement mode
  • Fixed Tagelmust price being absurdly high
  • A fix for upgrading farms
  • Fixed importing games with purchased buildings
  • Stopped town patroling squads from trespassing
  • Added logging to detect incomplete gamedata from mod conflicts
  • Corpse furnace job to ignores targets that cannot be carried
  • Fixed crash when calculating research time with broken gamedata
  • Fixed crash when NPCs try to use player beds


  • Player town now gets classified based on it’s size and significance, which is reflected by the towns map icon and will later affect AI actions
  • Slightly improved the weapons and armour for sale in Mongrel, added 2 new recruits there
  • Created the foundation systems of world state queries, which will be explained later in a blog post


  • Fixed a crash in one of the southern waystations
  • Fixed weird case of buildings at outposts/ruins being assigned to nests and not populating the interiors
  • Though I couldn’t confirm it, I had reports of Stealth skill acting weak when it goes above 100, so I clamped the internal calculations to 100 just to be sure
  • Fixed the AI bar squads again

Note: Please report any bugs or problems, or upload crash dumps to the Steam forum or official Lo-Fi Games forum so that we can fix as soon as we can. Thank you 🙂

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