0.98.10 Out Now (Experimental)

— (βアップデート:
Japanese patchnote translation, with huge thanks to player Trantez)

Update 0.98.10 is out now on Experimental branch! 0.97.6 remains on the main stable branch. To opt in to the experimental version, right-click on Kenshi in your Steam games list -> properties -> betas tab -> then choose “experimental”. If opting in, please be aware of bugs, instability and unfinished content – for the best experience we recommend waiting for stable release.

  • Fixed the tent blueprints not unlocking
  • You now get a small amount of dexterity XP from reloading
  • Fixed some of the bad automatic inventory icons
  • Fixed AI bug when trying to fight with a broken right arm

  • Tweaked crossbow crafting costs
  • Added storages for crossbow parts and ammo


  • Fixed the blank inventory icons
  • Fixed the UC guards killing all the Thieves and Tech Hunter shop owners, resulting in empty shops
  • Fixed the armor & clothing craft benches not working
  • Fixed a crash on startup for AMD cards (possibly… we don’t have any AMD cards to try it on)
  • Fixed some mods crashing the game
  • Fixed a bug causing everyone in bandit squads to have crossbows, instead of a small percentage
  • Fixed construction set translation mode skipping character names

  • Fixed the Ammobox that I threw together too fast
  • Fixed an AI bug with the sitting when idle
  • Prevented idle sitting when in hold position mode
  • Fixed robot limb health clamping to 100 when loading a game
  • Fixed the slavers “gathering slaves for shipping” AI
  • Portugese translation complete

  • Should fix issue some were having with AI not doing production jobs
  • Fixed robot limb health clamping to 100 when loading a game
  • fixed being unable to dismantle camping stuff when built indoors
  • Fixed another AI bug with the sitting when idle going into other peoples buildings and triggering out of home town
  • Fixed GUI having excess line spaces at larger text sizes
  • Possible fix for a crash when selecting Garru
  • Fixed crash when finishing crossbow crafting
  • Stopped pet dogs from eating corpses (they just eat limbs now)
  • Removed accidental mods

  • Added Thievery Training box and a tier 3 lockpick training box. You need awkward materials to build them though.
  • Potential fix for the clothing display bug on AMD cards
  • Fix for shop keepers going missing
  • Fixed crash picking up corpses
  • Fixed a bug with town gates not getting opened
  • Fixed holy nation slavers constantly re-dressing slaves
  • NPCs are less aggressive about healing KO’ed neutrals, they won’t bash down your gates to heal your enemies for example
  • Fixed crash in crafting list window

  • Fixed bodyguard-type NPCs having x-ray vision and running off attacking every enemy in the area
  • Fixed public beds being free to use
  • Fixed the ammobox being really tiny
  • Stopped characters under “hold position” mode running to open doors in combat


  • Added some improvements to prevent campaigns blaming you when they are defeated by a 3rd party on the way to your base
  • Made some adjustments to prevent passing bandit squads from constantly assaulting your town, though it still should happen often, it shouldn’t be so relentless now. Need your feedback for further adjustments.
  • Archers won’t shoot at people playing dead
  • Fixed animals not aging to 100%
  • Fixed animals eating a limb and getting so much nutrition they don’t need to eat for months
  • Fixed adult dogs not fetching severed limbs
  • Characters can no longer eat more than 50nu of food in one go


  • Characters now get covered in blood
  • Animals stats are now reduced to 25% when you buy one. This is because animals grew into high stats by default, so they were overpowered because those high stats weren’t earned through combat, just time. Now they have to be trained up like everybody else. This doesn’t apply to strength and dex, so they still get big and strong naturally without training, just the skills need to be trained.
  • Adult player dogs no longer play with limbs, though they still collect limbs and carry them around a bit, they eat them quickly and don’t run off. Adult wild dogs still run off with limbs.
  • it now takes about 20 seconds for a bandit to butcher your pet dog, so you have a chance to stop him
  • Characters won’t sit around idle if they are selected
  • Being in HOLD mode while sneaking no longer ruins your sneaking
  • Fixed “use turret” orders not working when too far away
  • Changed the ranged combat target selection function to be more flexible, let me know if things improve or not with target selection
  • Fixed a miscalculation in the strength XP gain rate for encumbered martial arts combat. It was like 10x too high, now it’s the same rates as using a heavy weapon.
  • Fixed the FCS character random weapon selection
  • Possible missing wordswap fix
  • AI improvements for town guards roaming too far from town
  • Possible AI fix to help stop Shark getting wiped out by spiders



  • Added a rain collector building
  • Pet dogs prioritise combat actions over playing with severed limbs once they reach about 30-40% of fully grown
  • Characters will now pickup items they need from the floor eg to find building materials or to fill a storage box
  • If you build a furnace and set someone to work at it they will pick up all the severed limbs lying around and dispose of them
  • Bodyguard orders are now always counted as a permanent job
  • Stopped the fogmen swarming Mongrel to eat its prisoners
  • Fixed right-click order to designate target when shooting from a turret
  • Items dropped when dismantling buildings don’t get put in invalid places
  • Fixed used up items not dissapearing from backpacks
  • Stopped buyback of stolen goods triggering fencing check if allied with the faction you stole it from
  • Fixed portraits for characters with crouched idle stance
  • Fixed robot characters being hungry when using rock bottom start



  • Robot limbs now store their HP and damages. They wont give you a damaged leg when you first equip one, or do confusing stuff when un-equipping.


Please report any bugs, gameplay or balancing feedback etc to either the Steam or Lo-Fi forums. Thank you 🙂

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