0.98.27 Out Now!

Update 0.98.27 is out now! This is on the main stable branch. … Please report any bugs, gameplay or balancing feedback etc to either the Steam or Lo-Fi forums. Thank you


  • German language is now in game! Translation is mostly complete but there may be brand new dialogue that still needs translating.
  • Crossbow damage increased by around 20%Crossbows now affected by the global combat damage multiplier
  • Crossbow global damage multipliers added to FCS
  • When you select a character who is being carried by another player character, you will give orders to the carrier instead
  • Shop guards don’t track your position when they can’t see or hear you, they go by your last known position
  • Fixed a freeze when you press CONFIRM in the character editor that increases in size based on how long you spent on your character, if blood was enabled
  • Severed limbs on the ground disappear after 24 hours
  • Fixed ally campaigns, where allied factions came to support you against a common enemy campaign but left too soon
  • Fixed the import with “NPC states” causing previously encountered living NPCs to be missing (requires re-import to fix)


  • Added a target distance influence to the “protect allies” AI
  • Police no longer take your weapons when you are arrested (unless they were stolen)
  • Police only confiscate stolen items if they are recently stolen, and not stolen from a bandit
  • Fixed another AI problem where escaped slaves and prisoners could be “magically” spotted by police
  • Fixed hostile campaigns not looting food
  • Fixed AI stealing building materials from towns
  • Fixed player AI not auto-using beds
  • Fixed player idle AI all trying to sit in the same chair
  • Fixed player characters trying to sleep in NPC beds
  • Fixed characters attacking police when released from prison if in HOLD mode
  • Fixed items disappearing from animal inventory if right clicked when your inventory is full
  • Fixed characters not attacking when ordered
  • Fixed another termites bug
  • Character sleeping position not affected by character height
  • Fixed shackles display bug on single robot legs
  • Fixed crossbow range, dodge, and hunger rate tooltips
  • Stopped animals patrolling towns from going indoors


  • Hunger rate now varies with activity:
  • Running around while encumbered or fighting with very heavy weapons will make you get hungry faster
  • Working at mines will make you get hungry faster
  • Sitting around will make you use less energy and get hungry slower
  • Added options sliders to adjust frequency and size of base attacks and AI campaigns
  • Toughness XP gain rate reduced by a third, setting added in FCS
  • You now get some toughness XP when you lose a limb
  • Fixed dead people screaming
  • Fixed a bug where an NPC you did a crime to could magically see you afterwards even if you hid
  • Fixed animals not eating foul meat from animal feeder
  • Fixed NPCs getting stuck confiscating weapons if nothing to take
  • Fixed slavers re-capturing slaves after you buy them
  • Stopped mouse buttons 4 and 5 acting as left mouse button
  • Fixed AI getting food from storage in NPC towns
  • Fixed a crash


  • Cost to buy buildings in towns has doubled
  • Characters with damaged robot limbs won’t keep trying to sleep it off
  • Enabled stealing from prisoners, no thievery XP gains
  • Fixed an AI bug preventing the Medic job from automatically healing NPC allies (eg hired mercs, fellow escapees)
  • Import now has the option to import the unique NPC states, eg if you’ve killed phoenix, he will still be dead when you import your game
  • Fixed characters getting Toughness XP when getting picked up
  • Fixed Toughness damage resistance not being applied to armour’s “cut to stun” damage
  • Toughness damage resistance is now also applied to pierce damage
  • Disabled putting items in dead animals
  • Fixed raid announcement dialogues repeating
  • Additional power requirement added to building upgrade tooltip
  • A rare crashfix and some minor AI fixes