Community Spotlight #11

Welcome back to another community spotlight for the month of July! 

We’re never short of fantastic work to include in each of these spotlights, and we hope you enjoy going through them every month too! 

Grab a bottle of grog (please drink responsibly), sit back and enjoy this July’s mods, fan art and screenshots.

Content included in this video:


  1. Fishwich
  2. Cat Tower
  3. Blue Nebulosity
  4. Minor Faction Overhaul – Scavengers


  1. A natural fortress.
  2. “Look at that sunset”
  3. “I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you!”
  4. A new adventure awaits
  5. Morro do Corco Waldo
  6. Twilight swamp
  7. Pretty cool base you got there
  8. Taking in the view before taking someone’s limb
  9. Whoops
  10. “Lord Beep, Protector of Squin”

Fan Art

  1. “A little mixed media mess for one of my hivers, hope this hurts your eyes”
  2. “Hire me, or you walk away”
  3. “Dangerous wanted criminals, Agnu and Beep”
  4. “Our courage is our best God”
  5. “The One and Only”
  6. Plotting their next move
  7. “Hiveless”

We appreciate you all joining us for another community spotlight, and you know the drill by now, but for a chance to be featured next time, make sure you’re sharing those awesome creations by tagging us on our social media channels and in the Discord server.  

Until next time!

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