Community Spotlight #13 + New Kenshi Sweater & a Halloween Screenshot Competition

Hey there Kenshi fans!

As September bids adieu, we’re back with a fresh Community Spotlight, a Halloween-themed competition and a superb new sweater available for pre-order!  

It’s a Discord Spooky Screenshot Competition

Kenshi can be a creepy game at points, so we thought it’d be fun to challenge you folks to send us your best spooky screenshots. Perhaps you’ll snap the shrouded Fog Islands, some blood spiders coming out of nowhere, or simply the terrifying Lord Phoenix himself. Whatever you choose, a little exploration of the map should give you plenty of subjects to select to be in with a chance of winning a Kenshi t-shirt of your choice, and the glory of being declared as the top spooky virtual photographer! 

To participate, all you have to do is upload your screenshot to our Official Discord server under the channel named #screenshots!

There will be two winners and a runner-up across two categories: modded screenshots and unmodded screenshots, so please specify what category your screenshot is under when you share it, or it won’t be counted.

To vote for your favourite screenshot, react to it with the “:Fogchamp:” emote and the top three screenshots with the most amount of votes from the community by October 31st will win! (don’t vote for your own, we’ll send Fog Men after you.)

We look forward to seeing all of your submissions over the next few weeks!

All submissions must adhere to the competition terms and conditions and the Official Kenshi Discord Server rules found in the “📏rules-and-faq📏” channel.


Kenshi Sweater Pre-Orders – grab one at a discounted price before 30th October!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of this beautifully designed cosy Kenshi sweater just in time for the holiday period! Featuring a cornucopia of creatures and races from the cataclysmic chronicles of Kenshi, this comfortable light-knight sweater is (much like a Bonedog) not just for Christmas.

Pre-order before 30th October and you can snag this snuggly sweater at a slashed price of $59.99 and guarantee a pre-Christmas Day delivery if you’re based in the US. Please refer to RobaRoba for non-US delivery times and any other shipping information.

Orders made after 30th October will be individually manufactured and priced at $69.99, and unfortunately aren’t guaranteed to arrive before Christmas Day. Please be mindful of those shipping dates if you’re planning on surprising a loved one with some Kenshi knitwear for the festive season.


Community Spotlight

This September saw no slow-down to the huge array of community content creation: we had some great fun coming across some fantastic screenshots, fanart submissions and mods in the Steam Workshop. Feel free to leave a comment below with your favourite picks or your suggestions and submissions for next month’s Community Spotlight.

Content included in this video:



Fan Art


With October upon us, we’d love to see you folks share some spooky fanart, mods or screenshots on our social media channels and, don’t forget about our screenshot competition in our Discord server.  

Catch you next time!

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