Community Spotlight #5, *much* Kenshi trivia & lovely wallpapers!

Hello there, folks!

We hope the new year has treated you well so far and your time in Kenshi has been easy-going.

We are kicking off our first blog post of the year with another community spotlight, showcasing the fantastic creations our community shared in January! 

Show us your #BrilliantBases
Last week, we introduced #BrilliantBases. We would love for you to share screenshots of your bases on social media using the hashtag. We’ll be sharing some of our favourites.

We heard you wanted this back…
By popular demand, the desk mat from RobaRoba is now up for pre-order once again, so grab yours while you can.


A bunch of Kenshi trivia
In the run-up to Christmas 2022, we created an advent calendar on our social media, sharing facts and trivia about Lo-Fi and Kenshi.

There was a lot of interesting stuff in there that you might not have known about Kenshi and/or Lo-fi so we’ve compiled it all into one easy-to-digest blog for you to sink your teeth into.

Day 1

To kick off our advent calendar, here’s a Desktop wallpaper which has been requested for a long time.

Download it here:


Day 2

Kenshi is set on a tidal-locked moon


Day 3

There are 28 people in 12 countries across four continents working on Kenshi 2.


Day 4

Catun was originally named Catan but the name was changed due to similarities with a certain board game. 

Have you played that board game before?


Day 5

Many of the bandit’s mispronunciations of long words were inspired by my Nat’s friend Will, who’s long been mocked for saying ‘confirmination’ instead of ‘confirmation’.


Day 6

December 6th is the 4th anniversary of Kenshi’s official release!

What is your favourite memory of the game from the past four years?


Day 7

Nat couldn’t decide what to call the Holy Nation god for ages, then when she was on a bus in Gran Canaria she was thinking about okra vegetables.


Day 8

Hivers come from the Queen’s dispenser unit.


Day 9

The KLR series limbs are named after Chris’s favourite motorbike – the Kawasaki KLR650.

Which character would be cool enough to ride this bike?


Day 10

Kenshi was originally known as Forgotten, a name whose legacy lives on in the Forgotten Construction Set.

What would you have named it if you’d made the game?


Day 11

One of the longest strings of Kenshi dialogues is when the player’s character refuses to leave the shop at night. They were some of the first things Nat worked on as a writer and she just wrote too many out of sheer panic. 


Day 12

In Kenshi 1’s development, getting dialogues and interactions to actually run in the game took at least 10 x longer than actually writing it. It was extremely frustrating before we got condition templates in Kenshi 2 – setting everything manually was tedious, temperamental, highly bug prone and a source of many a meltdown, particularly without having a QA.


Day 13

Hivers choose their names based on the first thing they see when they are born. How Beep got his name is very questionable.


Day 14


We guarantee that you didn’t know this one.


Day 15

Here’s another desktop wallpaper for you!

Download it here:


Day 16

Just over 50,000 people have left reviews for Kenshi. Out of them:

  • 95% left positive reviews
  • The average reviewer’s playtime is 137 ½ hours
  • One reviewer has 17,000 hours on record
  • The top 10% most passionate reviewers played for more than 500 hours

How many hours have you clocked up? 


Day 17

Discover the origins of Agnu: The Agnorigins? EtymolAgnulogy? Eggnog? Agnu was named after Chris’ motorcycle, which was in turn named after the Headless body of Agnew from Futurama.


Day 18

Although Kenshi is designed to supply the player with cruel antagonists to take down, we also like to keep the humans of the world morally grey and diverse as well. This is why you’ll see Holy Nation or United Cities residents / guards occasionally showing kindness to the player, for example giving them food when starving. We like to also show that humans aren’t just purely evil for the sake of evil.

Have you ever been blessed by Kenshi? Was there ever a time where you felt justly treated by its inhabitants? 


Day 19

Hobbs never actually wrestled a randy gorillo, he’s a lying shit.


Day 20

Kenshi could have gone in a very different direction because a long time ago, Kenshi was planned to be a gun-based title.


Day 21

Scorchlanders were originally called Sun Demons and were concepted to have tails.


Day 22

Red is a pickpocket, but also a unique recruit who will only join you if she thinks you’re a pathetic underdog like her. She is very picky about who joins her.


Day 23

A fourth big world faction was planned called the Republic of Tertius, its leader’s name changing from Fark to Tertius to Tornado King to Mighty Patriarch…We later scrapped it because we decided it didn’t add any value or contrast to the game and its existing societies. Plus it was a bit weird.

Which one of those names is your favourite?


Day 24

Kenshi players have racked up a combined playtime of 140,278,740 hours. The game also gained more new players in 2022 than it did in 2021 or 2020.

What year did you join the Kenshi hype train? 


Day 25

To wrap up our advent calendar, We’ve created a range of lovely Kenshi phone wallpapers for you. 

Download them here:

And there you go, you’re all caught up! Thanks for joining us with our first blog post of 2023 and let us know what your favourite fact was!

We’ll have another community spotlight blog at the end of this month, so do continue to tag us in all your screenshots, mods and fanart for a chance to make it in the spotlight.

As always, we thank you all for the continued support you show us. Make sure you’re keeping up to date with us on our social media channels as well as our  Discord server.

Take care!

Psst, we’re also on sale on Steam until February 6th if you or a friend were thinking of jumping into Kenshi!

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