Dev Blog #11: Holy Nation Territory

In the lead up to our first part of the New Lands map release, last week we introduced you to the lore of our first big faction, the Holy Nation. So next up, we’re going to share a few more landscape screenshots to give you a sneak preview of what’s to come.

Structures and Wreckages

Oli’s still populating the world with towns, farms and mine camps as well as scattered old, ruined building remains. Now that we have the code in place for it, larger buildings are being revamped to include more floors than previously. Just a couple of our finished outposts and remains:

Towns1 Towns2



land wreckage

And we now have bridges:


Next up, we’ll be working on some hill hut designs for native villages etc.


One of the hardest parts of world design is filling the land with enough content to keep things interesting. As well as towns and ancient remains, we’ve needed to add smaller detailed features like land textures and sprite plants. As well as adding the main stuff like towns and structures, Oli’s constantly adding new details and textures to the world…

landscape1 landscape2 landscape3


The first part of the new map will be released in our next update. ETA for this is still unknown.

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