Dev Blog #19: Optimisation

Next Up:

Our next big update will include another new map area, the southern swamps, and a long awaited performance boost. Our own code has been fully optimised to it’s best, the only thing holding us back from running Kenshi at it’s best performance is the current, rather out of date, rendering engine: Ogre.  In order to improve the frame rate we need to completely upgrade the Ogre graphics engine to the latest version 2.0.

Right now, the current Ogre engine that Kenshi uses works only on a single internal thread, meaning that the rendering process for objects in each frame acts like a bottle neck effect. The new engine will have multi-thread support on the slowest elements, significantly reducing the render time and hopefully making Kenshi run much faster for modern computers. Unfortunately this isn’t a quick job – differences in the two engine versions mean that a lot of existing code needs changing and updating to run in the new engine.


If all goes smoothly, expect an experimental release by end of October.  

More info on the next new map faction coming soon!

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