Heaps of localisation updates, weight bug fix (CN), and font bug fix (global)

NOTE: This is now in the experimental branch.

We’re not officially updating Kenshi really, outside of the odd FCS update when we add transferable features for the Kenshi 2 version, but yet here we are.

Most of the updates are specifically for localised versions of Kenshi but we have a couple of minor additions that affect all versions:

First up, we’ve fixed an issue that caused the options screen to use the default font size when returning to the game after close, despite the options menu belligerently claiming it’s been changed.

Secondly, we’ve added some default keybinds to make SteamDeck/controller etc. configurations easier to set up. Simply press the button that resets your keybinds to these default settings and start customising from there.

Small Localisation Updates for Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), German, French & Japanese

Lo-Fi’s Localisation Team has been steaming ahead since last October, after the new localisers for Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), German, and Chinese (Simplified) joined the team. One of the first things they looked into, before tackling Kenshi 2, was to look into Kenshi’s non-dialogue-related text, including UI, tips, and item descriptions for inconsistencies, mistranslations, and language-specific issues.

We are happy to announce that Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), German, French and Japanese corrections are now completed with some of the key changes that are outlined below.


There were many inconsistencies in gamedata, such as,‘‘blueprints’ translated into multiple words, and ‘Beak Things’ and ‘Skimmers’ translated into two different words. Beak Things are now consistently called ‘Pinchostruo’ and Skimmers ‘Patineto’. 

Some mistranslated words are also corrected, including “Armour King’ changed from “armadura del rey” (the king’s armour)” to “Rey de la armadura”.

Some skill-related verbs such as ‘crafting’ and ‘farming’ are also using correct tenses.

Most of the lore-related notes and documents are re-translated and should be easier to read compared to the previous translations.


  • Quotation marks and ellipses (…) are now properly displayed. No more text gaps!
  • Fixed text overflow on certain buttons in the UI and launcher
  • Some incorrect skill name translations were fixed
  • Generic NPC names are now correctly gendered to match the NPC’s gender (for example: Bauer/Bäuerin, Söldner/Söldnerin)
  • Fixed Rebirth name inconsistency (it’s now “Wiedergeburtsmine” everywhere)
  • Fixed Skeleton race name inconsistency (they’re now called “Skelett” everywhere)
  • Skimmers now retain their English name and Skimsands was accordingly changed to “Skimwüste”
  • The “Gutters” faction is now correctly called “Ausweider”
  • Reworked many UI texts, item descriptions, tips and tutorials to fix errors and increase legibility

Portuguese (Brazil)

All the game interface (except dialogues) has been reviewed and polished in Portuguese. Players should notice several improvements to the previous translation, including:

  • Fixing of typos, grammar, and UI display issues (such as the infamous /OA/)
  • Consistency within gameplay elements (e.g., “equipe” instead of “grupo/equipe” for “squad”) and lore elements (e.g., “Talho Negro” instead of “Arranhão/Talho Negro” for “Black Scratch”)
  • Fixing of overflowing and cut-off text. There may be more work to do, but we’ve fixed what we could find
  • Generic NPC names now display according to the specific character’s gender (e.g., “Padeiro” or “Padeira” for “Baker”)
  • Instructional text and item descriptions have been mostly re-written for improved clarity
  • A few tweaks to give the Portuguese localization more flavour (e.g., instead of the awkward “areiaíche” for “dustwich”, we now have “sandubareia”).


  • A few fixes and improvements, such as:
  • Untranslated text that used to appear in English is now translated into French.
  • Improved translation of some GUI elements.
  • Fixed some errors with items and their descriptions.
  • Generic names now display according to the character’s gender (e.g., “marchand” or “marchande” for “trader”).


Some untranslated texts have now been translated into Japanese. Speed-related displays such as miles/hr are shown in Japanese. Some instructional and help texts have been edited further for easier reading.

It’s been a long time coming, but the team wishes all players, new and old, to enjoy the new update that will make it easier to play Kenshi in their respective languages.

Item weight bug fix for Simplified Chinese 

We’ve made a small but significant change to fix a bug that made the weight of items display incorrectly in Simplified Chinese; Previously, 1 kg was displayed as the equivalent of 1111 kg and 9 kg displayed as 1119 kg etc. 

The weights of all items should now display correctly.  Thanks to everyone that pointed this out.


Steam Spring Sale

That’s all for now, just a little space here for us to mention that we’re currently 55% off in the Steam Spring Sale. Catch you next time!


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