Kenshi 1.0.57 (experimental) plus small JP main branch update

Small updates to Japanese translation in main branch plus experimental release of FCS v2.1.

FCS update currently found in experimental branch until next update.

Japanese Update
  • Corrected FCS errors
  • Corrected some typos
  • Update on Help and other GUI-related long sentences
FCS 2.1 Changelog:
  • Added documentation for FCS
    • Adapted from our own in-house documentation
    • Non-comprehensive, but it’s a start!
  • Added improved item search functionality
    • Recursive property and reference searching

        • find squads with more than 10 skeletons
          • (In Squads section) squad.v0 > 10; squad.race = skeleton
        • find research items with ingredients with values over 1000 cats
          • (In Research section) cost.value > 1000
      • Building shells requiring construction materials with ingredients that have a value over 100 cats
        • (In Building Shell section) construction.ingredients.value > 100
    • Added ability to search using Regex

      • Find all dialogue lines with numbers in text
        • (In _lines section) text ? (\b[0-9]+\b)
    • Significantly improved performance of item filtering
  • Added an “Everything” section to search through all items at once
  • Added a new panel when translating conversations
    • Now displays what dialogue package references the conversation being translated as well as what event trigger can start this conversation
  • Added additional functionality to the “Set field” window
    • Can now remove references in addition to adding them
    • Can bulk modify values with addition, subtraction, division and multiplication

      • Can now select all research items and halve the amount of items required to complete
      • Can select any number of weapons and multiply bleed damage multipliers by 1.5
  • Added spell check feature
    • Works for any multi line item property

      • Descriptions for items, races, and buildings
      • Dialogue lines
  • Added option in merge window to show previously skipped changes
  • Added multi line display on single lines for change list and merge mod windows
  • Added ability to open items from the merge window
  • Added tree view for notes
    • Dialogue lines now parented to conversations
  • Added ability to more easily navigate merge and todo trees with arrows keys (left and right now expand and collapse nodes)
  • Added categories and filtering options to errors window
  • Added error reporting on more problems loading def files
  • Added number of errors to the errors window title
  • Added error to be displayed if fcs.def has invalid FCSEnum value
  • Added lots more error types as well
  • Added derived score to dialogue lines display
  • Added additional UI for Todo window, added delete option
  • Added ability to use Ctrl-A to select all items in a list
  • Added a reset columns function to turn off all custom columns at once
  • Added dialogue keyboard shortcuts
    • Ctrl+1-5 : change speaker
    • Ctrl+L : add line
    • Ctrl+I : add interjector
  • Added ability to restore backups when loading mods
  • Added modified dialogue lines under owning dialogue in change list
  • Added ability for TripleInt properties to be displayed with % signs
  • Added ability to show % symbols when displaying values in custom columns
  • Added copy dialogue line stringID action to dialogue editor
  • Added MODIFIED_MISSING item state
  • Added a warning when deleting an item with locked propertiesAdded check to stop accidentally trying to open hundreds of items at once
  • Added combined description panels in dialogue package editor
  • Added ‘Expand Link’ to dialogue context menu
  • Added warnings to a dialogue line translation when original text is changed
  • Added ability to change mod folder location in fcs_settings.def
  • Added ability for events to display descriptions from FCS_enums.def
  • Added assets folder path to fcs_settings.def
  • Added GameData.saveSafely() function that doesn’t corrupt the existing file if it fails.
  • Added restore option if a dialogue line was deleted by the active mod
  • Added additional checks to avoid creating invalid links when merging mods
  • Updated translation mode with new features/fixes
    • When updating duplicated text, a new option is given to update just the text in this conversation vs everywhere else
    • Opening a conversation no longer always opens a new form, if one is already open it is brought to the front
    • Updating duplicate text now refreshes all nodes/forms with updated text
  • Renamed ToDo toolstrip button to Notes and added an icon
  • Improved resizing behaviour of Errors window
  • Improved resizing behaviour of Notes window
  • Pressing down arrow key in ‘add reference’ window switches focus to item list
  • List References window opens all selected items when OK pressed
  • Clear changes command in error list resolves ‘Modified item undefined error’
  • Listing references now shows what field item is referenced by
    • Added a bit more info when displaying what dialogue lines have effects that reference an item
  • Standardised descriptions in fcs.def when referencing val0/1/2
    • Sometimes we had val1/2/3 for extra confusion

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed custom column duplication
  • Fixed potential duplication of global settings and artefacts lists
  • Fixed todo list sometimes not filtering correctly
  • Fixed mod version number being overwritten
  • Fixed removed fields not appearing in misc section if there is a reference list of the same name
  • Fixed cleanup if there is a reference list with the same name as a removed field
  • Fixed system thinking a mod has changed if you just select a reference property
  • Fixed merge dialogue showing extra DELETED items
  • Fixed change list not displaying MODREF values correctly
  • Fixed some other incorrect uses of GameData Desc flags
  • Fixed custom column menu bug introduced by adding the reset command
  • Fixed reverting items not reverting all subitems
  • Fixed crash reverting subitems in change list
  • Fixed crash deleting items that own subitems
  • Fixed being able to modify locked dialogue packages
  • Fixed crash when cloning items
  • Fixed reverting MODIFIED_MISSING items
  • Fixed merge changes with only NEWREF or NEWINST data being tagged as conflicts
  • Fixed save file backups being deleted if save failed
  • Fixed exception opening missing reference errors in translation mode
  • Fixed bug deleting items that are deleted by a later mod
  • Fixed being unable to delete broken dialogue lines
  • Fixed being able to edit deleted line items
  • Fixed some issues with forms owned by merge dialogue
  • Fixed close all button making some windows unopenable

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