Prioritizing Stability

A change to the roadmap

Most of our planned content has been put on hold due to a change in plans. As you might already know, we’ve been prioritizing bug fixing and stability over the last month or so. This means that our 0.8 New Lands release will be delayed until further notice and we won’t be hitting a summer release, however most people should be happy to know that the game will at least reach a more playable state instead. Hence why we’ve been pretty quiet on the blog. Work on dialogue and lore is still continuing though.


Here are the changelogs for the minor patches we’ve released over the last week. As of now, 0.74.21 is in stable branch and 0.74.22 is in the experimental (read how to opt in to experimental here) on Steam.

Just remember to import your game when playing a new update.

  • Possible fix for random situations where characters dont move
  • Toned down the strength and number of the dog packs
  • Fixed recruitment (and other dialog) “sorry i cant afford it” bug
  • More fixing for player characters not loading if you load a game and they are far away
  • There was a bug where excessive numbers of squads were being saved, causing bloated savegames
  • Fixed a potential load crash
  • Just stability fixes
  • Player characters can see better now, won’t ignore things so much
  • A fix for potential problems with navmesh backwards compatability in previous saves

There seems to be a lot of bug reports lately of the game crashing when loading certain savegames. These are NOT caused by corrupted savegames, but are crashes from loading certain stuff. If you experience this, send us your savegame, we will fix the bug and your savegame will work again after the next update.

  • Fix for randomly broken combat movement
  • Fix for some of the loadgame crashes

Some savegame “corruptions” it turns out are caused by not importing your savegame after update 0.74.14. Import if you have problems, report the bug if you still have problems.

  • If you have a savegame with a missing squad or characters vanishing “into the void” then loading your game with “reset squad positions” will now recover everyone. We are currently tracking down the root cause of this bug.
  • Crashfix for certain situation deleting interiors
  • Fixed a small typo in the perception system that made everybody not see other neutral NPCs
  • Added audio to the perception system (work in progress)
  • Fixes for wall placement
  • Fixed 2 movement AI bugs making slavers and possibly town NPCs idle around some times
  • Stability fixes
  • Updated the prospecting GUI window

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