Stuff I’ve Been Doing Pt. 1

The site is dead and it must look to everyone that the project is dead too.  Its not, I just can’t be bothered with site updates.  So I’ve decided to keep a regular-ish dev diary going, and just show whatever I’ve been doing.  There won’t be anymore demos for a couple of months, but thats because I’m making the next release a big one.

So firstly, my mission has been to stop the game NPCs from looking like clones.  I’ve been making a lot of clothing and equipment models, nothing is textured yet.  I’ve also added backpacks of various sizes.  These will expand your inventory, but also add to your weight and tire you out quicker.  On the other hand that is good training for your strength and fitness.  Backpacks are essential for traders.  There are also now separate equipment slots for boots, shirt, armour, legs, backpack and headwear.


I’ve also been trying skin tone adjustments, but so far I can’t come up with a formula that looks very natural.


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