Update 0.70.1 (Steam Experimental)


Fixes a bunch of, but not all, bugs. More bugfixing updates coming every few days.

The frequent random crash that comes from moving around the map is not fixed yet, but it’s our top priority.


  • Fixed cannibals getting stuck in home buildings
  • Fixed armour costing only 32 cats
  • Fixed random armour stats bug
  • Fixed a lot of the character movement bugs; stopping, leaving walkable areas
  • Fixed access ramp out of Catun
  • Fixed conversations randomly having no player reply buttons
  • Fixed town guards not helping people, or wrongly attacking you during a battle
  • Fixed time of day being corrupted
  • Removed the “Capture” option, it wasn’t supposed to be in the game yet
  • Ctrl+shift+F11 regenerates pathfinding navmesh, handy for when loading an old savegame when level data has changed
  • Fixed keybinding for camera zoom
  • Fixed mysterious low number of female NPCs
  • Fixed accessibility problems with saloon buildings
  • Fixed flophouse layout
  • Mostly fixed the shopkeeper-locks-you-in booby trap
  • Fixed inventory auto-arrange crash (unconfirmed)
  • Removed the option to pick up animals

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