Update 0.74.6

Here are the latest update changes, it’s all bugfixes and committed to the stable branch too. We’re still continuing to work on bugfixing and stability, no new features until everyone is happy with the stability.

There have been technical issues with our non-Steam downloader, but we should hopefully have a version available for non-Steam users within the next week.


  • Characters now haul properly for automatic mines and machines
  • The slave camp was missing the slavers that actually make the slaves go to work everyday. Fixed now, but requires an import or new game.
  • Optimised the static geometry, improves town load times and the framerate spikes when placing/removing buildings
  • Fixed the bug where finishing building a wall section could cause a massive 2-minute freeze.
  • Fixed some AI bugs with the permanent jobs, and the slavers
  • Fixed crafting benches still working when they run out of resources
  • Fixed doors not locking
  • Added face morphs for the Shek in the character editor
  • Engineer job now repairs things again, including doors and gates
  • Adjusted the general contrast of the GUI for readability
  • Fixed some more bugs with inventory stacking
  • Fixed the Medicrate inventory being too small
  • Fixed towns not populating when you start a new game from in-game
  • Fixed walls missing their turret nodes
  • Fixed the sleeping animal AI so they can wake up and attack you can no longer place furniture on walls
  • Added mouse icon for lighting-type buildings
  • Minor GUI fixes
  • Fixed storage building inventory window grid size
  • Fixed some inventory right click item issues
  • Fixed inventory item stacking bug
  • Dropped backpacks now save the items inside properly
  • Improved equipping weapons for fighting
  • Possible fix for the invisible backup weapon bug

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