0.76.0 Latest Patch Notes


12th November patch notes:

  • Added more content for slave buying/selling. Buying slaves is now cheaper but it has random results. You can also sell bandits or someone you’re carrying.
  • Fixed the thief fence. He has more money, buys at a low price, and doesn’t sell his own clothes.
  • Fix for traders spawning under the floor
  • Various crash and performance fixes
  • Crash when stealing with right-click



9th November patch notes:

  • Fixed some bugs with the AI invasions, and with vanishing AI squads, plus a related crash.
  • Fixed a bug that caused huge loading times and performance hit to savegames where you had travelled a lot
  • Fixed a possible trader crash
  • Crashfix when ocassionally picking up items from the ground
  • There’s a bug that only some people get where it crashes when saving. I don’t know why, so I tried some stuff that might help or might not. I need more information, or a savegame if it happens only in a particular game.
  • Some more stability fixes, and improvements to the formation movement



8th November patch notes:

  • -Fixed nests and camps not being spawned
  • -A few more random crash fixes that were reported



6th November patch notes:

  • Fixed the athletics skill not increasing
  • Fixed the “location” of characters when they ragdoll and slide down a hill
  • Fixed wandering trader AI jittering and freaking out after staying in a town more than 6 hours
  • Fixed the BUY button on houses not functioning
  • Fixed 2 random crashes
  • Fixed the crashdump zip getting a truncated filenam
  • Fixed newly bought&freed slaves getting tagged as escapees when save/loaded
  • Fixed again the walls, I had fixed the scales for them but there were still old, badly scaled collision files that i have now replaced
  • Fixed the bugs with corpses, incorrect ragdolls, location etc



5th November patch notes:

  • Solved the savegame error where it didn’t save your squad if most of them were knocked out
  • Walls were scaled differently. This was not supposed to be in the release version yet, they’ve been set back to normal again. Sorry for breaking your base walls. Super-sorry if you just rebuilt your base walls to match the new scales.
  • Fixed issue with alt+tab and fullscreen.
  • Fixed big fonts with resolutions larger than 1920.

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