Update 0.93.19 Out Now

0.93.19 is out now in the main stable GOG and Steam branch!


  • Fixed characters not getting up off the ground

Main features added since 0.93.4:

  • Characters get wet, ragdolls now float in water
  • Added a dialogue log window
  • You can now pickup and carry animals
  • Added the functionality to allow game translations
  • Resource storages are no longer infinite
  • Starvation balancing and difficulty options
  • You can now buy and repair ruined buildings that you find
  • Added 2 Shek towns and a new zone in the SW of the active map area
  • Heat haze effect
  • Looting law changes.
  • Thievery rebalance

For a full list of fixes and features you can check our patch notes here

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