Update 0.96.27

Updates now available for the main and experimental branches!  Firstly, on the main branch…


Main features:


  • GUI updated if window size changes
  • Added font size option slider
  • Squad panel drop target hidden to make reordering squads easier


  • Added some race-specific foods. Hivers can eat raw and foul meat.
  • Animals need to eat now.  You’ll need a backpack with food in for them.  You can stop them eating via the AI options.
  • Animals will eat food dropped on the ground
  • Animals will eat food out of the storages at your home base, if “feed animals” is enabled in the AI options
  • Added a special animal feeding barrel.


  • Some of the katana attacks now have reduced max-hits per attack, meaning they are less effective against groups. (Mainly the downward combo, but I also increased the power a little, this makes katanas more of a duelists weapon.)
  • Hive traders will sometimes visit your base
  • Doubled cost of animals
  • Shek slaves get their horns cut off
  • Lowered the price mark-up on illegal goods in the SW empire towns, the idea is that you only get the huge markups when you travel far east to the new empire regions
  • Fixed up the slave shipment chain- slaver caravans gather up slaves and deliver to work camps.  ”Freelance” hunters deliver them to the nearest slave shop.
  • Mounted turrets and lights repositioned when parent building is upgraded
  • Splinting now splints over blunt damage as well
  • Splinting can also apply to non-limbs, to help counter work quality penalties when crafting etc.
  • You now get back slightly more materials when you dismantle buildings, and the number has been added to the FCS global settings
  • Bodies don’t disappear so fast when being eaten by spiders
  • Corpse flies sound integrated
  • Wind generator sound intensity based on rotation speed
  • Altered the player AI to choose nicer beds to sleep in
  • Unique NPCs that escape captivity can now travel all the way back home to resume their lives
  • Artifact distribution has been tweaked, there should be less of a shortage of AI cores and science books
  • Updated translation base data


0.96.27 is now out on the experimental branch. To opt in to the experimental version, right-click on Kenshi in your Steam games list -> properties -> betas tab -> then choose “experimental”. If opting in, please be aware of bugs and general instability.


  • Slightly reduced upper tier heavy armour resistance, to make the top tiers less overpowered
  • Regenerated world navmesh to speed up zone loading times
  • Improved navmesh splicing (whatever that means)
  • Changed physics xml and bin files to use Ogre resource manager (fixes steam mods)

Note: Please report any bugs or problems, or upload crash dumps to the Steam forum or official Lo-Fi Games forum so that we can fix as soon as we can. Thank you 🙂