Update 0.98.53 Out Now (Experimental)

Update 0.98.53 is out now on the Experimental branch! 0.98.52 is out on the main stable branch.

To opt in to the experimental version, right-click on Kenshi in your Steam games list -> properties -> betas tab -> then choose “experimental”. If opting in, please be aware of bugs, instability and unfinished content – for the best experience we recommend waiting for stable release… Please report any bugs, gameplay or balancing feedback etc to either the Steam or Lo-Fi forums.


  • New animation mod system, allows modders to make animations that don’t clash with existing animations or updates or other mods. Can also make unique animations that are used for specific races or characters.
  • Fixed not being able to escape from your own cages
  • Bleeding is now saved and loaded properly
  • An improvement to the AI bug where they would give up a chase immediately


  • Fixed furniture disappearing from purchased buildings on import
  • Added keybinds to select next/previous character
  • Fixed game not starting if there are non-ascii characters in installed path


Released prematurely because I needed to get the above bug-fixes out. I will continue tweaking and experimenting with the armour balances. Please leave feedback in the form of angry rants.

  • Toughness-based damage resistance amplified, so 20% more damage at 0 toughness and 20% less damage at max toughness
  • All shirt armour damage resistances reduced by 40%
  • Global damage decreased 10% to counterbalance the above 2 changes
  • All weapon armour penetration bonuses/penalties increased by 50%
  • Heavy armour coverage reductions from the last rebalance have been reverted
  • Chain and plate damage resistance increased by 0.05, leather lowered by the same amount, also further reduced based on weight class
  • Increased damage and armour piercing of the Heavy Polearm by 10%
  • katana class damage penalty vs robots reduced from 50% to 40%
  • Cleavers get a 10% penalty vs animals
  • Stealth penalties removed from helmets
  • Not yet added, but the plan is to add some hiver-specific armour shirts

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