Update 1.0.44 Out Now

Bug Fixes:
  • Removed the “Disable civilians in towns” option as it was causing some issues with things like Waystations being unpopulated, and no longer made a noticable performance gain.
  • Fixed use cursor appearing on player built tables.
  • Stealing backpacks from animals now correctly flags as stealing.
  • Fixed building town allocation when placing town markers.
  • Fix for animals walking into buildings.
  • Additional fix related to previous ragdoll crash.
  • Fixed translations, fonts and audio when kenshi install path contains non-ascii characters.
  • Fixed restricted food tooltip potentially missing some races.
  • Fixed a few minor dialog bugs.
  • Fixed texture loading error handling – with invalid textures (eg from file corruption or a broken mod) you now just get black, instead of a crash.
  • Fixed crash with the restricted food tooltip for some mods.
  • Fixed character editor crashing if character model fails to load from a mod.
  • Fixed interior layout editor mod tracking (level editor).
  • Added ‘character limit reached’ message when buying animals.
  • Added error number to CRASHDUMP FAILED log message (description was garbled).
  • Cleaned up list of races that can eat restricted food in item tooltip.
  • Backpack contents marked as stolen when you steal a backpack.
  • Chinese updated

Special thanks to ‘Victory Forever’ for spotting the issue around disabling civilians and waystations.


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