Update 1.0.45 Out Now

  • Added Korean Language support.

Korean fans can check out the official press release on Newswire. Once again Lo-Fi would like to extend a huge thanks to Jeffrey Jeoung, BusanDaek, Byunghyun An, Son Byeong-gwan and all the others who worked hard on the fan translation that paved the way for the official release.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed dialogue interrupts not working on announcements when another NPC interjected. Could affect certain player base raids.
  • Fixed crash dismantling cages with an unconscious occupant.
  • Kidnapped pack beasts from wandering traders will no longer have their inventory automatically re-stocked.
  • Fixed possible crash when dismantling a turret that is being used (which should be impossible)


  • Fixed crash if modded character mesh has UVs outside 0-1 range (other than head)
  • Fixed an issue with CHARACTER “stealth stats” property
  • Fixed crash if character model failed to load due to missing skeleton file

We’ve pushed an additional small update to fix a file mix-up with the Korean translation, it should be much more accurate now.


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