0.93.23 Out Now (Experimental)

Just a small balancing update. Note that this is NOT the optimisation or map update announced earlier this week. Just for clarification.



Over the last few years the economy of Kenshi has seen some inflation so I’ve re-balanced it a little

  • Recruits cost a lot more to hire, it’s not so easy to rapidly get a bigger squad early on.
  • Cost of books is doubled
  • Bounty amounts for crimes are roughly doubled
  • You can no longer sell armour that is part of another factions uniform
  • Cooking food speed is x3, but ingredient cost is x8. Now the focus is less on waiting around for cooking, and more on running farms and protecting your crops until harvest time.
  • Properly added the research and crafting for the 3 main alcoholic drinks. These are the new cash crop as food was made less profitable in the last update.
  • Chainmail is 50% heavier


  • Tracked down the bug where your character would keep stopping when you are trying to run away from attackers
  • Stopped chars going crazy constantly cursing and chasin’ off varmints and ignoring your orders
  • Stopped chars going off to get food in the middle of a fight
  • turrets no longer aim too high for small or young animals
  • some rare cases led to characters running away instead of fighting


  • Fixed a crash on save when you had a bounty with a minor faction

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