Blog #25: Kenshi at Tokyo Game Show!

We’re excited to announce that we’re going to Tokyo Game Show next month! The show will take place on 20 Sep 2018 – 23 Sep 2018 at Makuhari Messe. Come say hi if you’re at the show – ChrisNat and Sam will all be manning the booth / playing games! Plus, we’re giving away 30 TGS day tickets on Twitter this week, make sure to try and grab one if you can get to Tokyo…

World states

We’ve been pretty vague with details on the world states and town overrides we’ve released over the last month or so, so here’s a brief summary on how it works and what we’ve added so far.

As of update 0.98.48 you can now affect the spawns and town states of:

  • The Holy Nation
  • Shek Kingdom
  • Swampers
  • Slave Traders/Traders Guild
  • United Cities
  • Smaller factions such as Flotsam, Rebel Farmers, Kral’s Chosen, Band Of Bones, Manhunters

How does this work?

Smaller factions are pretty simple: take out their leader (Moll of Flotsam, for example) and the rest of the faction will fall into disarray. Wandering squads from that faction will lessen or disappear entirely, and their hometown will likely become destroyed or even taken over by another faction. It may even cause a knock on effect and spawn a new type of squad.

Larger factions can be a little more complex – taking out their main leader (Tengu, for example) alone won’t necessarily change every town and individual squad of that faction. You’ll likely have to find and destroy the bosses of individual towns or other strategic outposts to have an effect. Your actions might have ripple effects rather than simply effecting that boss’ hometown e.g. taking out the slave farms and camps around a town will greatly reduce it’s access to vital supplies and hence have a negative effect on it, despite the boss still being alive. Taking out the boss of a strong defensive town will mean that nearby towns fall to invading enemies.

So to clarify, ‘town overrides’ does not mean that you as the player can take over towns, but it does mean that you can have an impact on the future of Kenshi inhabitants, both town residents and wandering squads… their fate is in your hands!

In-game tips

To help guide you with this in the game, we’ve added in some small bits of information. If you forge an alliance with a faction that has a vendetta against another faction, some leaders will give you strategic tips on the best ways to take them down, or some of their troops might aid you temporarily in your path of destruction. So far you can talk to Esata, Simion, Moll and the Phoenix. We’ll soon be working on dialogue for the Anti-Slavers too.


So that’s all the main factions now released in game! Now we’re just left with refining, perfecting and finishing up a few smaller ones – let us know your feedback in the forums or via Twitter.


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