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Games Before Profit

Celebrating the core value at the heart of Lo-Fi Games Lo-Fi Games is a games-first studio. This means that before profit and ratings, before fan-art and


Community Spotlight #12

Hello there, Kenshi folks!Can you believe it’s been one whole year since we started doing our Community Spotlights? Thank you to everyone who shares their creations


Community Spotlight #11

Welcome back to another community spotlight for the month of July!  We’re never short of fantastic work to include in each of these spotlights, and we


Community Spotlight #10

Hello there, Kenshi crew! Can you believe that we’re over halfway through the year now? We’ve loved seeing what everyone has shared with us so far,


Community Spotlight #8

What’s up, Kenshi fans,  You folks should know what time it is. Time to return all those stolen Foodcubes, yes, but it’s also time for another


Community Spotlight #6

Hey everyone! It’s that time again, another community spotlight! We can’t believe it’s already March, time seems to be flying by faster than a Beak Thing


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