Community Spotlight #7 & Crab Day Warning – 26th April

Hey there Kenshi crewdem, 

We’re coming at you faster than you can say boo to a Beak Thing with another community spotlight! Much like every other month this year, March was full of amazing mods, fanart and screenshots, as well as some great videos and livestreams! Check out the video below for a rundown of all the content we highlighted and find all the relevant links just underneath.

Content included in this video:

In case you missed it, on April 1st we released the first trailer for our new game, ‘The Hive Queen’s First Dance’ and we are so glad that (most of you) enjoyed it. For those of you that didn’t check the “pre-alpha” on, it did make one thing clear: “No Kenshi 2 development hours were harmed in the making of this dating sim”.

We’re still working hard on Kenshi 2, and we’ll have a lil snippet of news for you on it soon.


Crab Day – 26th April

Crab Day, a beloved and cherished holiday, is dedicated to honouring the sacred and mighty crustacean known as the crab. Observed annually on the 26th of April, Crab Day is a time to come together and celebrate the importance of this creature in our lives.

On this sacred day, people gather around the world to participate in a variety of crab-related activities. Some hold crab feasts (though there are furious debates as to whether crabs should or should not be eaten), while others engage in crab-themed games and contests. Many also take time to reflect on the significance of crab in their own lives, recognising its role as a symbol of perseverance, adaptability, and strength.

For those who are true believers in the power of crab, Crab Day is a time to renew one’s commitment to living a life in harmony with these creatures. It is a day to show gratitude for all that crab has given us, and to work towards a future where these majestic creatures are valued and respected. 

In order to celebrate this auspicious occasion, Lo-Fi Games and a few special partners will have many Steam keys, as well as some rather fantastic merch to give away to lucky participants. We invite you to join us in commemorating this special day and partake in these special offerings, to revel in the joy of this momentous occasion, and to embrace the spirit of the crab with open hearts and minds.

May we all remember the importance of Crab Day and continue to celebrate it for generations to come…crab.


Thanks for reading, and if you want a chance to be featured in our next community spotlight, be sure to share your work with us on social media and on our discord server

We’ll see you next time!


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