The Easter Egg Speedrun

Please note: The leaderboard below is updated by hand. Expect some delays. We reserve the right to remove any entries that we find have broken the rules on our re-examination


Rank Name Speed Video Link
1 Aiza 0:09:55
2 Razleraz 0:10:01
3 Aiza 0:10:05
4 Winter Remnant 0:10:09
5 Razleraz 0:10:10
6 Vestige 0:10:10
7 Natsugu 0:10:10
8 NubMcMoofin 0:10:11
9 Winter Remnant 0:10:19
10 Shidan 0:10:21
11 Aiza 0:10:22
12 vegan 0:10:22
13 sirokka 0:10:23
14 Vestige 0:10:25
15 Shidan 0:10:25
16 chigasane 0:10:25
17 Shidan 0:10:25
18 Natsugu 0:10:26
19 Diamant 0:10:26
20 Shidan 0:10:26
21 Shidan 0:10:27
22 NubMcMoofin 0:10:28
23 kakunshi? 0:10:28
24 kakunshi 0:10:29
25 Shidan 0:10:31
26 onlyamoose 0:10:31
27 Vestige 0:10:34
28 vegan 0:10:37
29 onlyamoose 0:10:39
30 onlyamoose 0:10:41
31 vegan 0:10:44
32 DogMeats 0:10:44
33 Vestige 0:10:47
34 9632 0:10:51
35 onlyamoose 0:10:57
36 Natsugu 0:10:59
37 NubMcMoofin 0:11:01
38 Shidan 0:11:04
39 9632 0:11:06
40 AizakG 0:11:08
41 Kura 0:11:09
42 Natsugu 0:11:10
43 CGradilla 0:11:12
44 Kura 0:11:14
45 vegan 0:11:18
46 CGradilla 0:11:20
47 Chthonian 0:11:20
48 CGradilla 0:11:21
49 vegan 0:11:27
50 vegan 0:11:30

A Kenshi…speedrun? Yes. Yes indeed. And an Easter one…an EGG HUNT! WITH PRIZES! SIGNED SHIRTS!


Entry dates: 14th April – Midnight 8th May

Find three different types of egg. Sell them.

The ten fastest runs at the end of 8th May win an exclusive competition winner-only Beak Thing shirt signed by Chris and Nat.


    • Eggs must be in nests: you can’t just go into a shop and buy the eggs
    • Gameplay options must be set at default values. Prove it by showing us the options screens at the start of your run
    • Rock bottom start
    • No save scumming/no reloads
    • You must prove you have turned off all your mods and are running the game entirely vanilla – show us you’ve done this by verifying the game in Steam (right click the game in Steam, click “properties”, “local files” and “verify integrity of game files”)
    • Choose ‘Rock Bottom’ start
    • You can add as many squad members as you like
    • All squad members must stay together at all times. Don’t let a few run off to the four corners of the world
    • No hiring mercs (folks you can hire by days)
    • Your first game character does not need to survive until the end
    • Three eggs means three different eggs from different species. Not three eggs collected from three different locations by one species
    • You can’t just buy eggs from shops
    • The challenge ends when you sell all three eggs at a shop

Clarifications – 19th April, 2022:
  • The game speed can be set to whatever you want, but be aware that this is a speedrun based on IRL time
  • Start your timer when the character lands in the desert – character creator screen time doesn’t count
  • Once your timer has started, in-game load times do count towards your time. Entries from streaming services such as Geforce NOW (which may improve your in-game load times) will be accepted, so long as all the standard rules are followed
  • As stated in Terms and Conditions – Entering multiple times is fine, but only one prize will be issued per winner. If someone has multiple places in the top 10, the next entries up will each receive one prize each until we reach a total of 10 winners with a prize each
  • If you wish to do multiple runs in one stream after verifying files and options just once, feel free to do so without having to go through the verification/options-showing process for each run. Please ensure that you add a timestamp for the start of the run that you’d like to be considered
  • Feel free to dismiss any character from your squad
  • Exploits are allowed
  • Rock bottom start (yeah one more time, why not?)

Clarifications – 26th April, 2022:

Dear Kenshi Easter Egg Speedrunners: Thank you so much for your submissions. We’ve had A LOT! The response has been incredible. Obviously a Kenshi speedrun is a bit of an odd idea considering the game’s quirks, but here we are. Sorry about that bridge, we know it does some bad things. What’s incredible is that you lot embraced the challenges and ran with them, and are still continuing to do so. And what results! We had no idea this could be done so quickly.

Anyways: We’ve had some feedback on the rules, as you might expect, and we are listening. On the most part, there haven’t been any issues, and everyone’s been amazing and followed our directions to a T, which we know is quite the faff. We didn’t ever want to give massive advantages to those with faster computers but we had to draw the line somewhere. Having said that, upon re-examining our leaderboard, we are going to go ahead and say:

Change the graphics options to whatever you want them to be. In fact: you can change anything in the options screen other than the stuff in the gameplay slider. All other previous rules still apply though: You still must show us the mod tab in the in-game options and the launcher. You must still go through the verification process. It has to be vanilla Kenshi.

We’re sorry if that means you would previously have done some runs a little differently, but if we were to enforce the rule that the graphics options must be set to default values, then we’d have to wipe out 50+ runs, and that would be awful.

How to participate

  • You’re welcome to stream the video live, or record and upload at a later date, but the entries do need to be publicly accessible
  • No editing!
  • Please add timestamps in your video description for:
    • When you pick up your egg one, two and three
    • When you sell your eggs
  • No timestamps = not completed

Once you have completed your speedrun, please submit the link to your video here –

The leaderboard for the contest can be found at This is a manually updated leaderboard, so please bear with us while we check submissions. We’ll try to update it by the end of each working day (GMT).

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