Update 0.71.x Experimental Changelogs


Mostly, this update just fixes lots of crashes


  • Tab key cycles squads


  • Various crashes
  • Grass was missing and I never even noticed.
  • Fixed foliage stacking vertically in several places
  • Fixed the “Rescue” button
  • Fixed the duplicate character bug
  • Fixed characters playing the get up animation when in bed
  • Fixed AI not opening unlocked doors to pass through




    • Mostly fixing various crashes. The notorious Havok crash is still at large.
    • Fixed the crash with loading certain 0.71.0 savegames
    • Dialog system now supports monologues and changable player_talk_to interruption dialogs
    • Fixed the character editor FACE/BODY tabs being missing
    • Fixed the turrets having 1 damage




  • Squad management! Multiple squads, character dismissal. Character cap increased to 50 and can be modded even higher.
  • Made a SmellManager. Bleeding and corpses now stink up the place and attract dangerous animals. Wolves hunt by smell.


    • Finally fixed the Havok loading area crash(?)
    • Fixed speech boxes cutting off text at low resolutions
    • Stealth state is now saved, and the checkbox is fixed
    • Fixed NPCs not being visible when moving the camera around paused
    • Fixed newgame window going off screen at low resolutions
    • Fixed a crash related to building material storages
    • Fixed the framerate drop when building certain walls
    • Fixed a few more little crashes
    • Fixed problem with correct floor visibility when building furniture

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