Update 0.99.26

Update 0.99.26 is out now! This is on the main stable branch.

Please report any bugs, gameplay or balancing feedback etc to either the Steam or Lo-Fi forums. Thank you


  • Artifact items quantity assigned to locations is directly proportional to town value rather than random (rewards more consistent) (optional: requires import to see changes)
  • AI fix for cases when a base had only one gate and the AI wouldn’t go through
  • When other factions take over a Holy Nation town they break all the emperor statues
  • Fixed the city hero gangs not harassing players
  • Fixed EV_I_SEE_ALLY
  • Fixed indoor combat stat penalty
  • The non-violent food raids go home rather than hang around your food barrels for 4 hours
  • Fixed the Mongrel building in Black Scratch
  • Fixed loading screen when window resized
  • AI fix for guards that dont put the criminals in cages and just hold them while in shopkeeper mode
  • Untestable fix for “give up chase” dialog event triggering when people are just fighting and not even chasing
  • Road editor handles locked roads


  • Fix for raid campaigns repeating their announcement dialog instead of leaving/attacking
  • Floating damage numbers now include the cut-stun efficiency damage factor
    -Searching for text in FCS translation mode selects the line when dialog is opened
    -Japanese updated


  • AI shopping should now work, traders should buy stuff from your shop counters, NPCs will visit your town if it is set to public
  • Fix for characters being magically freed from cages after healing
  • Walls now twice as tough against smashing
  • Rare fix for AI getting stuck when pathing back home to a locked up base
  • Stopped captured NPCs disappearing on load when their town is destroyed
  • Prisoners who escape from cages will now bash their way out of locked doors instead of getting confused
    -Japanese rolled back due to errors, will update again soon

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