Update 1.0.19 Out Now

Update 1.0.19 is out now!

Please report any bugs or feedback to either the Steam or Lo-Fi forums. Thank you.


  • Japanese translation updated (proof reading 70% complete)


  • Fixed characters using low lod terrain height when jumping across the map (could cause characters to appear in weird places, like private buildings if they were in squin)
  • Fixed characters moving super fast after colliding with sloped navmesh edge (could cause who know what kinda issues)
  • Crossbow xp only increases if target is in range (exploit fix)


  • Fixed crash when recruiting someone if leader is following unloaded character
  • Town override states updated on import – fixes towns in map screen
  • Tweak for previous fix in .15


  • Pick lock task now displays 0% if below minimum lockpick threshold
  • Stopped import recalculating player town on buildings that don’t create towns
  • 2 crash fixes


  • Fixed navmesh issues in spider factory and Bastion
  • Fixed treasure not spawning in spider factory


  • Fixed dismantle button not showing on empty containers
  • Fixed odd behaviour when switching to overlapped armour meshes
  • Fixed crash in peeler machine when chracters dont have 7 body parts
  • Portugese tweaked to fit GUI, translated tips
  • Russian update

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